Dielectric Capacitors Market Record Stellar CAGR During Forecast Period

Dielectric Capacitors: Introduction

  • Capacitors that are made of dielectric materials are known as dielectric capacitors
  • The dielectric material is placed between the plates of a capacitor and it acts as a non-conducting partner of electric current, due to absence of free electrons, unlike metals
  • In capacitors, various types of dielectric materials are used. These include aluminum oxide, tantalum pentoxide, plastic films, and several types of ceramics.
  • Dielectric capacitors are manufactured from ceramic, plastic, or glass and depending on requirement of the application, the dielectric material is selected
  • Dielectric materials are used in capacitors to increase the effective capacitance by reducing the electric field strength
  • Dielectric capacitors are used in applications such as automotive electronics, smartphones, networking devices, and high-frequency oscillating circuits

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Rise in Demand for Dielectric Capacitors in Automotive Sector

  • The automotive industry has emerged as an attractive sector for investments for organizations across the globe. In automobiles, use of dielectric capacitors is helpful at high temperatures, owing to their low loss and stable capacitance. Owing to this, several manufacturers of multiple-layered ceramic capacitors are focusing on providing products with an X8R or an X8L dielectric material.
  • New features and functionalities in automobiles such as autonomous vehicle technologies, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADASs), vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, and other safety systems are driving the demand for electronic components. For instance, tantalum polymer capacitors, a type of dielectric capacitors, are largely used in automotive applications, owing to their low equivalent series resistance and high temperature range. These capacitors offer stable performance for up to 2,000 hours at 125°C.
  • Additionally, other types of tantalum capacitors are suitable for harsh environments. They offer reliable performance at high temperatures in automotive applications.
  • As a result of these advantages, the demand for dielectric capacitors for use in automotive applications is increasing. This factor is expected to drive the global dielectric capacitors market during the forecast period.

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