February 18, 2020

Graph Analytics Market Witness Excellent Revenue Growth, Emerging Trends & Forecast

Graph analytics is an emerging and interesting new area for analytics workloads and it is also known as network analysis. Its ability to be utilized for the purpose of social network influencer analysis has generated ample growth opportunities for the graph analytics market. Marketing managers are particularly interested in the identification of social network influencers as they are potential targets for social media marketing campaigns. Connecting with influencers could set off chain reactions amongst the social network communities and trigger sale of services and products.

The global graph analytics market is likely to expand at a robust growth rate and reach prominence through 2027. Rising demand for analysis of low-latency queries coupled with ability to disclose real time data relationship between data.

Based on six different parameters, the global graph analytics market has been divided to offer a detailed view of the market. These parameters are vertical, organization size, component, application, deployment mode, and region.

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Global Graph Analytics Market: Notable Developments

One of the recent market developments that characterize the course of the global Graph Analytics market is as mentioned below:

  • In September 2019, Amazon Web Services made an announcement of its new feature-rich Amazon QuickSight. These new features send email alerts over anomalies, comprise Word Cloud chart types for better representation of categorical fields, and enable better organization of assets.
  • In May 2019, Microsoft Corporation announced Updation of Microsoft Graph. It is a service that blends business data of customers with analytics data from the Microsoft Graph.

The global graph analytics market comprise the below-mentioned companies:

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Lynx Analytics
  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Dataiku
  • DataStax, Inc.