May 8, 2020

Global Digital Transformation Market By New Business Developments, Innovations, And Top Companies

Digital Transformation Market: A Snapshot

Digital transformation is the method of improving business processes, techniques, and consumer experiences digitally to transform operations. The methods vary significantly based on end-consumers and requirements. However, digitalization is at the heat of these changing business practices aimed at reaching new consumers and creating new channels for growth.

The process of digitalization from analog to digital is critical for businesses in many ways. For example, cloud technology allows small businesses to maintain their important records virtually saving extensive amounts of time in organization and operations. Moreover, these digital solutions are also helping many businesses save significant costs and manpower. The growth of various digital solutions in data maintenance, security, web portals, and sales channels.

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Digitalization is highly valued in many sectors including defence, automotive, manufacturing, and retail among others. Moreover, on fronts like customer service, digitalization can be a major driver for growth businesses. For example, last year McDonalds announced placement of digital kiosks across its stores around the country. The news sent the company’s stocks spiralling in the air as it meant reductions in costs, more efficiency, and adoption to digital technology. The growing demand in digital solutions in customer service is a major frontiers. In sectors like telecom, banking, among others, digitalization is shifting general queries and troubleshooting to online mediums while helping companies focus on core areas of growth like sales.

Even in sales, digital integration is expected to provide more aid to customer representatives with more sales leads, expansion into new consumer groups, and growth of traditional advantages like cost-cutting among others. Additionally, tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook have also made major investments in innovations that can boost digitalizations. These include both on direct-consumer fronts like online game streaming by Google or AI developments undertaken by everyone. The new technologies like AI and Big Data promise key insights into several new areas with the growth of applied algorithms and increasing certainty in understanding complex issues such as causation of diseases, urban traffic, among others.