Hair Fragrance Market Great Opportunities Available For The Vendors

Hair Fragrance Market – Provide Good Smell, Shine and Nourishment to the Hair

  • As per beauty industry experts, hair can carry fragrances for longer duration than skin, owing to their porous characteristics and larger surface area that enables the aroma to cohere for longer time.
  • Thus, several brands have introduced a range of hair fragrances that not only provide good smell to the hair but also ensures shine and nourishment to hair.
  • Moreover, there is a considerable rise in the adoption of hair fragrance products among the middle-class population. These factors are anticipated to drive the global hair fragrance market.

Focus on Product Innovation to Drive the Global Hair Fragrance Market

  • Hair care as well as several luxury fragrance brands across the globe are undertaking research activities in order to provide hair fragrances that are blended with hair care benefits, such as anti-frizz and shine.
  • Furthermore, hairdressers are also emphasizing on the usage of hybrid hair care products that offer fragrance and care for hair. For instance, the salon and organic brand Ogario, couple of years ago, mentioned that the company collaborated with some of the prominent perfumers in order to develop a completely natural rose and geranium oil blend hair fragrance that would also complement the strengthening quality of products

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Lack of Awareness to Hamper the Market

  • Rapidly emerging and highly populated countries across the globe are not yet acquainted with the usage and availability of hair fragrances.
  • In addition, cultural barriers in these regions with respect to use of perfumes on hair is also one of the factors hindering the growth of global hair fragrance market.

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