Barrel Pump Market - Competitive Dynamics, Trends, Forecast 2027

  • A barrel pump is a small pump with an extended suction duct. It is designed to pump liquid from barrels, with a small motor attached to the shaft, which runs on AC and DC electric motor. Barrel pumps are generally used to decant fluid additives during the preparation of treatment fluids at the well site.
  • Barrel pumps contain a vertical shaft inside a thin tube that fits inside the barrel opening. In addition, the pump motor in a barrel pump is attached to the shaft, which is at the top of the tube and above the barrel. The pumping component is positioned at the end of the shaft inside the barrel.
  • Barrel pumps are portable and lightweight, and are used for emptying the fluids from drums, tanks, and barrels. Additionally, a barrel pump is used to transfer corrosive liquid, acid, engine oil, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, alcohol, gasoline, and other lubricating liquid.
  • Barrel pumps are the ideal solution for emptying fluids from containers, so as to avoid wastage or spillage, and also to reduce the chance of an accident to the operator.

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Global Barrel Pump Market–Dynamics

Key Drivers of the Barrel Pump Market

  • Growing industrialization in developing and developed countries is leading to increased demand for oil and lubricants, which is expected to drive the barrel pump market during the forecast period.
  • Barrel pumps are becoming a preferred choice in various industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical, and food & beverages globally, due to export and import of liquids or fluids in large containers or drums rather than small containers, so as to save transportation cost and shipping cost. This in turn is augmenting the demand for barrel pumps.
  • Furthermore, one of the main features of barrel pumps i.e. speedy transfer of liquids from containers without spillage is expected to positively boost the growth of the barrel pump market.
  • Moreover, barrel pumps save considerable time, manpower, and resources in the process of dispensing the fluid, which in turn is anticipated to drive the growth of the market.