March 2, 2020

Fatigue Testing Machine Market Top Key Vendors, Segmentation, And Swot Analysis

Fatigue Testing Machine Market: Introduction

  • Fatigue testing machines are used to measure the sturdiness of components, raw materials, or finished products, and to withstand cyclic fatigue loading in various conditions.
  • Fatigue testing machines conduct tests by measuring the force applied on these raw materials until the raw material fails.

Fatigue Testing Machine Market Dynamics

  • Increasing demand for fatigue testing machines from the automotive industry is considered to be one of the key trends affecting the growth of the fatigue testing machine market.
  • In the automotive industry, fatigue testing machines are utilized to examine durability of materials such as metals, plastic, rubber, and alloys.
  • Several automotive companies are adopting ultra-high frequency based fatigue testing machines that helps in decreasing the turnaround time.
  • Moreover, technological advancement enables end-users to test the fatigue life of new products with high fatigue cycles.
  • For example, even proportions of titanium and nickel result in an alloy of nitinol wire which is gaining importance in several applications. Thus, development of materials with higher fatigue life cycles is expected to boost the growth of the fatigue testing machine market.
  • In addition, growing demand for digital fatigue testing machines is another key trend promoting the growth of the market.
  • Aerospace and defense, construction, automotive, and research & development sectors are increasingly adopting advanced fatigue testing machines due to its increasing applications in material testing and testing the performance of final products.
  • However, low data accuracy due to high levels of background variation is expected to be a major factor limiting the growth of the fatigue testing machine market in the upcoming years. Fatigue testing machines are used for modifications of the existing designs. It is also used to validate new product designs to ensure that the design does not incur fatigue failures.

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Fatigue Testing Machine Market: Segmentation Analysis

  • Based on end-use industry, the global fatigue testing machine market can be divided into automotive industry, composites industry, aerospace industry, and medical industry.
  • The automotive industry segment is a prominent end-user of fatigue testing machines. Thus, this end-user segment accounted for major market share in 2018. The segment is projected to maintain its dominance in the global fatigue testing machine market throughout the forecast period.
  • Growing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles across the world has augmented the expansion of the automotive industry, resulting in growth in demand for fatigue testing machines.