Wafer Handling Robots Market Latest Trends And Key Drivers Supporting Growth

There is a surging demand regarding wafer handling robots from the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing sector to deal with consumer electronic, for example, circuit board, coils, parts with cylindrical geometry, sun oriented wafers, loops, switches, connectors, and electromagnetic segments. These robots are utilized for manufacturing electronic parts, as it can undoubtedly get parts via circular tracking, bringing about improved results. Robotic organizations are fusing highly refined frameworks, for example, FANUC’s automated end effectors and iRVision into their wafer handling robots to diminish delivery times and high assembling speed. The demand regarding vacuum wafer handling robots for Integrated Circuits fabrication under vacuum conditions is foreseen to develop as these robots can control particulates and give a low contamination surrounding.

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High Productivity to Accelerate Demand in Wafer Handling Robots Market

Attributable to its productive activity and positioning capabilities with tolerance and micrometer scale precision, wafer handling robots will see a huge popularity among end-client enterprises and lead to market development at a steady CAGR in future.

  • North America especially with nations such as, Mexico, Canada, and the United States caught huge market share trailed by Asia Pacific and Europe in 2017. The North America is relied upon to show elevated market development in the span of forthcoming years attributable to its increased capital expenses and advancement in technology.
  • The global wafer handling robots market is foreseen to be extremely fragmented with several organizations working in the industry. Key players are right now concentrating on giving affordable items and extra features to uplift market share in the wafer handling robots market.
  • Augsburg, Germany-based company, KUKA said a week ago that it has built a wafer-handling framework for semiconductor handling cassettes and automated transfer. The mobile control application comprises an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and a service-based LBR iiwa lightweight robot.

Wafer handling robots are the indispensable devices in the integrated circuits manufacturing. These robots can transfer and bring in line wafers during the different working procedures. It has high speed, high reliability and super precision. The utility of it realizes the automation and least contamination in wafer procedures. There are diverse patterns of wafer handling robots that are mass-produced by the manufacturers that are used for the wafer handling process in different manner. These types includes SCARA robots, frog leg robots, and four bar linkage robots. Keeping the contamination low during the wafer processing can be achieved at its best with these robots as wafer processing is the most demanding manufacturing process in terms of cleanliness and environmental control. The process of wafer handling is controlled within specified parameters. This process has to be carried out in a clean room environments in which the humidity, particle contamination and temperature has to be monitored. Even ultra clean environments are required during the manufacturing process of these robots, due to submicron feature size of modern semiconductor devices. The size of contaminating particle range from less than 10 nm to more than 100 nm, and the particles are either suspended in a gas or attached to a surface. So the process for management of the wafer handling robots can be a little bit difficult often.

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