June 10, 2021

Europe's Largest Automaker Joins Designing Sustainable Mobility Summit

In the news: US subsidiary of Volkswagen is giving a high profile to vehicles with lower environmental impact at the Designing Sustainable Mobility Summit held at the Art Center College of Design in Southern California. At the summit designers and other transportation experts from various countries will share their ideas on how to make future mobility more environmentally attuned.

In connection with this objective, Volkswagen has offered attendees and Art Center students the chance to experience driving VW models that are equipped with only the top-of-the-line Volkswagen parts like the popular Volkswagen Land Rover Ignition Coil factory and have engines specially designed to run on biodiesel, ultra low sulfur diesel and hydrogen. These VW models have highly efficient gasoline engines that are perfect for cruising on public roads.

By allowing participants of the Summit to drive some of the very technologies that they are pursuing makes it more meaningful and at the same time boosts awareness on the importance of environmentally friendly vehicles.

According to Ron Cogan editor and publisher of the Green Car Journal which is hosting the Summit's ride and drive, "It's important to demonstrate that raising the bar in such important areas as fuel efficiency and emissions reduction isn't just accomplished with exotic or future-oriented technologies. Volkswagen's demonstrating of its clean diesel and twin charger engines provide real-world examples of environmentally positive technologies that are operating on highways today."