December 23, 2019

Key Reasons Why All Eligible People Should Vote

When you turn eighteen, you gain many freedoms that you never had when you were younger. One of the most important is the freedom to vote. Registering to vote is easy, and there is no better way to start write this essay for me in the world around you. There are many reasons why people should vote. Getting started with this process empowers you in many ways.

Government Control
One reason to vote is to get more control of your government. This isn't as simple as choosing who is in power. Often elected officials look up whether you are registered to vote and whether you have voted. They are more likely to pay attention to people involved in the political process. The people you vote into power usually serve for about two years and affect the way the government works for many subsequent years.

Personal Freedom A major reason why people should vote is exercising the ability to decide their own level of freedom. When you vote, you make choices about issues such as gun control or a woman's right to choose. These decisions affect the personal freedom that you enjoy on an everyday basis. Vote people into power who align with you on these issues.

Taxes Especially during smaller elections, people vote on tax-related issues. Your opinions about the merits or drawbacks of tax hikes are communicated to the government during elections. Voting on taxes affects your personal finances. Think about tax voting carefully to avoid added expenditures later.

Funding One important aspect of voting is that of funding. If your state or county is considering certain programs, they often put it to a vote of the people. The issue of funding is broader than most people realize. Sometimes your vote makes decisions regarding the funding of schools or museums. Sometimes ballots contain provisions about de-funding public-interest entities such as parks. These issues generally appear on the ballot in smaller elections, so vote and let your officials know your opinion.

Voting is making your voice heard in the government. When you refuse to vote, you relinquish the right to complain about the way the government works. Choosing not to vote often leads to the implementation of controversial laws that affect many.