October 6, 2020

10 Sneaky Tricks To Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

Do not you want your house to look fancy? We think so. Fortunately, you do not require to spend busloads of cash to make it look luxurious like you spent a lot of money. Apamia being best interior design company in dubai, consulted with experts stabilized design to reveal the sneakiest ways to create a luxurious living space-all and give you modern interior design ideas of which seems without emptying your 401 (k).

Create a layered lighting concepts:

You want to have a variety of beautiful light sources to add depth to the living room. But you do not need to empty your wallet and spend cash to go glam on the lighting.

Investment in textiles:

Do not be afraid. Here is a solution: Hit up your local fabric store, where you can usually find a wonderful scrap for discount-typically 60% to 70% off what it would cost if you take yardage off the bolt on the floor. Taking multiple inserts of fur and you're set! In the end, you can get a small pillow that will easily retail for $ 100 or more for $ 30 or less.

Make sure you hit the floor curtains:

Be sure to measure the window of the living room before you head to the store. You can also make your sheer, lightweight cotton fabric, and take it to your tailor or laundry.Curtains play a basic role when we talk about elegant interior designs.

Invest in a large-scale art:

Please resist the urge to hit anonymous, though-experts agree that the best art has its personal meaning. Check thrift stores and real estate sales for pieces with a backstory. If you are on a good budget, get creative and do it yourself.

Incorporate texture:

If you are on a budget, throw blanket or sheepskin throws set on your sofa, leather sitting chair with a nice brisk in a chunky knit pillowcase, or combines brushed brass pieces accents on the reclaimed wood coffee table.

Roll a large carpet:

And just because it looks luxurious does not mean it cannot last long; jute carpet is an option and can often be found at discount home furnishings stores. For you convenience we have got all these interior design ideas.

Use metallics:

Adding a little glitter and glam can really add a wow factor to the living room. In this bag of tricks: high-gloss paint, metallic wallpaper, and light with a touch of metal.

Replace or add mold:

You do not need to knock down any walls, though. If you have a narrow edge and molding, replace it with something thicker to achieve a more elegant look. (Prospective buyers will like it too.) Similarly, it does not cost much to add mold applied ( For each wall to create more charm and character. If the idea of cutting to the edge and the wall makes you sick, hire a pro.

Paint the wall and trim the same color:

Avoid contrasting trim is easy on the eyes, add more focus on decorative accents and accessories, and simplifies the architectural details of the room. It also allows you to use stronger colors for a deeper color will appear softer and a little lighter.

Scour thrift store for heirloom quality pieces:

If you hate art but love frames, buy it anyway and unexpected object frame or black and white photos you can print your own. Do not be afraid of mixing finding you with your search for a new antique store-bought fruit-it will all come together to be collected, luxe vibe. We promise.