July 3, 2020

Case study: Facebook - Italy - Diet / Weight loss = +$11,300 [ROI: 120%]

  • Dates: 1.04.20 - 17.04.20
  • Spent: ± $9,400
  • Revenue: ± $20,700
  • Profit: ± $11,300
  • ROI: +120%
  • Source: Facebook
  • Affiliate network: dr.cash
  • Offer: Ideal Slim - id18458
  • GEO: Italy - [IT]

This case study was shared with us by one of the top affiliates - Yevhenii. Thanks, bro

Hello everybody 🙂

Yevhenii is with you. I’ve been in affiliate marketing for more than 2 years and mainly work with the CIS market. Several times I’ve been trying to work with Europe but these attempts were not very successful. April 20th was special for me. Details below …

I successfully delivered traffic on weight-loss offers in the Russian Federation and Ukraine before the quarantine. After the authorities declared quarantine my loss was $400 and the approval rate was nearly 0%. After a break for a couple of days, I contacted the manager of DR.Cash and began to figure out what is going on with Europe. The decision was made instantly: Ideal Slim - [IT] and Weight Manager - [PL]. Both offers brought good profits but Poland volume was not significant (100 lead daily). For that reason, I’ll tell you about Ideal Slim.


I had 2 trusted FB accounts and used it for two stages.

I started with the first account 03/31 and added the second on 04/10.

The target audience was broad - women only 18-64.

I used landings and pre-landings which were provided me by the manager.

Pre-landing (available at dr.cash https://template.drcash.sh/d2eecaf5-c039-4e6c-bb16-e12b868801c8):

And landing (available at dr.cash https://template.drcash.sh/a55ccf41-d997-445d-9abc-276b8a2a7a94):


Landings and pre-landings are half the battle. At first, I adapted the creo for the CIS. However, in the end, this option turned out to be the best:

Stats from dr.cash account:

And from my Facebook account (the second one is in selfie check mode now):


Facebook accounts were trusted and it helped to avoid a lot of problems. Occasionally, ads required quality checks. The main difficulty arose with the budget - I had only $250 on both accounts. My gratitude to the manager and bookkeeping for timely payouts!

My pro tip for this campaign:

I used special banners “confirm that you are 18+” (shown below). The combination of this ad and trusted account allowed me to pass moderation with an almost 100% probability.

I wish you all increasing profit, never stop, conquer new financial peaks, and destroy the barriers in our minds.

Thank you for your attention!

We will be happy if case study inspires you💪🏻

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