July 20, 2020

Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

At Dr. Kandhari's clinic, you can find the best painless Root Canal Treatment in Delhi. At the clinic, Consult with Dr. Gargi Kandhari. She is the leading Root Canal Specialist in Delhi. It is very important to make the RCT as painless and comfortable as possible. Most patients are very apprehensive about this treatment. With the correct use of anaesthesia and thorough cleaning and removal of the pulp tissue, it ensures that the treatment is comfortable for the patient The root canal filling should be accurately extending the complete length of the canal. It is very important to compact or press the filling well into all the lateral or accessory canals to prevent any kind or reinfection. A root canal treated tooth should always be restored with a prosthetic crown or cap to protect the tooth structure. This ensures complete protection and strength to the tooth structure and improves the prognosis of the treatment. To know more detail about dental treatment, visit the clinic today, or call us.

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