December 3, 2020

3 Subluxation Methods Brochure - Dr. James Farley

Hello, this is Dr. James Farley and today’s blog, what I’d like to go over with you, is, understanding what I get asked a lot about and I just had a woman the other day asked me a lot of questions about how did I create what I’ve created here with neuro biomedicine, and how did I learn all this information? And I kind of want to go back to explaining, I’ve already gone through the three health care philosophies and how there’s the allopathic, the alternative, and then there’s the neuro bio medicine. But I want to go into a little bit more detail specifically on the three philosophies within chiropractic. There’s this thing called subluxation in chiropractic and it’s been a debated point forever. The basic idea is that the subluxation interferes with the nervous system and in turn, because the nervous system controls and coordinates every cell on every function inside your brain and your body, that if there’s this subluxation component, that you will not function properly and your nervous system and in turn, the rest of your health will also start to go down.

So as the nervous system goes up or down in function, everything else just follows; absolutely sound, absolutely safe, absolutely scientific as far as its approach toward normal physiology. The problem though is that, within my own profession, we’re not exactly sure on what the subluxation is.I don’t mean by not sure; I mean that there’s three different models. The first model is that the subluxation is a bone that is misaligned interfering with this nerve that comes down from here and goes out to your stomach and in turn, your stomach doesn’t work properly cause there’s a misalignment. Like the light switch being turned off or light switch being turned on. And those,proponents of chiropractic will tell you that you should be getting your spine aligned, aligned, aligned, and you come forever. That’s their approach. The second is the muscle component of the subluxation, which means that your posture is off.

And that posture in turn is then pulling on your spine, which in turn is then irritating the nerve that goes to your stomach, and in turn, they’re going to be focused more on posture. And that’s their model of subluxation. And then there’s what I call the truth, or how I view things, is that the nervous system works like tone. Good toneis like Mozart and bad tone is like a bad song that you’ve heard. And over a timeframe, what happens is that the nervous system can be overloaded due to stressors; physical, chemical, mental/emotional. Once that nervous system is overloaded due to those stressors, you will run a chronic stress response, which means your hypothalamuspituitary adrenal axis gets thrown off from the chronic reaction of the stressors. Most stressors come from chemical stress, not mental/emotional in my opinion. I see it over and over again, andmost of the chemical stress is coming from the foods. Then lastly, we have the physical stress. So, over a timeframe, my model of the subluxation is that the tone of the nervous system is off. By the way, this was the original model of chiropractic. The original chiropractor D.D. Palmer talked about tone. The original premise of chiropractic was to restore proper tone and then let the innate intelligence of the system work better and function at a higher level so that you, in turn, could reach a more optimal level of function. Now, if that’s the model that I follow,where did we come up with some of these ideas? Well, there’s a tremendous amount of research that the tonal model is actually the way things work. …