March 19, 2020

5 Traits of a Successful Logo You Shouldn’t Miss Ever

When you see a logo of any company you develop some thoughts about it. That’s how logos reminisce about the identity of your business. When you want to know about any company, you search for their branding, the way they design their logo, website, and social media pages. But if you analyze the successful logos you’d find some common traits in them such as simplicity, creativity or resemblance to your brand.

If the logo design fails in conveying your brand message, then it loses its meaning and identity. Your logo should be powerful enough to resemble the brand values, mission, and vision.

The best and successful logos have these five things in common. Let’s find out.

  1. Less is More

Do you know the first apple logo was a storyboard that was not even close to simplicity? And the next version of it was a rainbow-apple logo which also wasn’t simple. The latest apple logo isn’t only simple but also the symbol of innovation. It’s also easy to remember.  

The simple logo leaves a quick impression in mind. You would have seen all the successful brands focused on keeping the logo simple. So, the first trait is the simple design which is easy to digest and remember.

2.  Brand Values

Your logo is your brand representation. It should reflect your company’s values. Take the Apple logo again for example. It represents technology, user-friendly technology and innovation. If you want people to remember your logo, you should give them some deep signs which reflect your brand. 

Consistency is important in branding. Starting from the logo to the website design, every inch should be related to your brand values to develop brand interaction with your audience. 

3.  Creativity

 There are more than a billion logos on the Internet today. Every brand depicts their creativity with the logos and the things they want to convey. So, while you design your logo, consider these three questions in your mind.

  • What are the meanings that your logo will convey?
  • What’s the one X factor in your logo?
  • How is your logo different from your competitors?

When you draw your logo design Dubai considering these three questions, you’ll come up with a more appropriate design, note it.  

 If your brand is big you might have the urge to be remembered forever and that urge can be fulfilled with a logo that’s different from the existing ones. A logo also depicts your brand culture so one should also keep this thing in mind.


4. Market Testing

 Once you design your logo market testing is important to check whether your logo is lightweight or heavyweight. Start by taking feedback from the experts and also match the logo with your web development company Dubai . If the logo is complementing your website then it’s good to go. If not you still have the opportunity to tweak it.

 Also, check if the logo is aligning with your business mission and culture. Since there are a million options to design a logo but the thing that will spark your logo is the connectivity with your brand. 


5. Memorable

Whether you’re designing a logo for a small business or an enterprise, your logo should have the potential to be embossed in your audience's mind.  A small, clean and innovative logo is easier to remember than a complex picture.

 When it comes to designing a logo there are plenty of options to choose from. Your job is to go with the one which suits your brand niche and can make you able to survive in the competitive market. Keep your audience in mind and see from their perspective. If the picture seems perfect to you then go for it.   

 The choice of colors also matters in forming the complete picture of your logo. Every color has its science behind. For example, blue depicts professionalism while green embodies health and happiness. So, choose your logo colors and get a logo design that’s perfectly tailored to your brand values.