how to ruin your health in attempts to recover

How often, on the Internet, we come across various forums with the following content: "The other day a doctor prescribed such and such a drug. Who drank it? What do you think? Was the tablet swallowed whole or crushed, to begin with? I've always crushed tablets before drinking, and the instructions say that the shell should be preserved. How to be? "

At first glance, it may seem that this is a very common and even logical question. What's wrong with that? Let's just say if a doctor would see this message - he would immediately come to a slight horror and bewilderment. Of course, you know "better" how your body works and what form you should take certain medications. Why will some doctor teach you? But let's still listen to the words of professionals whose main task is to take care of our health.

So why is this attitude to medication fundamentally wrong?

Crushing or chewing some pills is a stupid and even harmful idea. The instructions for any drug always describe how it should be taken: chew, dissolve, grind or drink with water. If your attending physician has not given you additional instructions regarding the intake of a particular drug, then it must be consumed entirely. No amateur performances. Entirely. And the point.

Understand that drugs are given a certain shape for a reason. There is no such thing that someone came up with a new idea for the design of tablets at the factory, and they immediately began to implement it. The form of the drug is given for a specific purpose. Each part of the gastrointestinal tract has a certain acid-base balance. Pharmacists create the drug so that it is absorbed exactly in the place in which it should. In the stomach, colon, and small intestine, there are different perfect levels of acidity. Accordingly, a drug that is intended to dissolve in the stomach will not dissolve in the intestine. And vice versa.

There is such a thing as pharmaceutics. It explains the mechanism of assimilation of this or that drug, describes its effect on the body. It is for this reason that the shape of the tablet is so important.

Each tablet is distinguished by its own density, shell resistance to acid or alkali. The drugs dissolve at a certain rate. Remember: if on your own initiative you decide to change the rules for taking a particular medicine, then you automatically break the mechanism of action of the pill.

If a medicine contains acidic components, it will lose its activity when it enters an alkaline environment. If the medicine contains an alkaline component, it will collapse when it gets into the stomach's acidic environment. Some drugs must enter the body gradually, as they dissolve and are absorbed. By grinding such a drug, you violate the algorithm of its action. It begins to be absorbed more actively, which, in turn, can lead to a serious overdose.

Think of the medicines that are sold in special capsules. Have you ever emptied the contents of the capsule, drinking it just like that? If yes, then congratulations: you got absolutely no effect from the pill, just wasted money. The capsule is a shell that is acid-resistant. It dissolves only in alkaline. As you get rid of the capsule by drinking only the powder, you save yourself from the drug's effects in principle.

Remember: never engage in amateur activities in terms of medicine. Strictly follow the recommendations of your doctor or the instructions of the drug. Take care of yourself and your health. Abortion pills available in UAE