November 2, 2020

3D Pen Guava Juice

Handmade pens offer a quality unique writing experience. It is very difficult to replicate the exact shape and pattern of a handmade pen because each pen maker is different in their style and method and chosen material. This makes each one truly unique and one of a kind. It is no wonder why so many look to extend their traditional pen collection with a handcrafted pen to have something that no one else can replicate.

Large manufacturers of pens usually produce a run of pens that look similar if not exactly the same. It is not cost effective for them to consider the design of each pen individually and produce only one. When 3d pen guava juice the larger pen makers do produce a limited run or an individual pen the price is usually out of reach for most collectors. In order to get something limited that is truly unique one needs to look at the individual pen maker. Individual pen makers buy materials in such small quantities that no two pens will look alike.

There are so many choices of woods, acrylics, and other unique materials that the options are endless. Some make pens that include materials like Abalone Shell, snakeskin, carbon fiber, polymer clay, and other unique materials. You can even find vintage materials like bakelite, cebloplast, and casein. When looking for an individual pen maker be sure to look at their options and ask about ordering a custom pen made from the material of your choice. Most pen makers know where to get the materials you are looking for even if they are hard to find.

When selecting a handcrafted pen maker it is important to make sure you choose the right one. When looking for a pen maker be sure to look first at the quality and finish of their work. Make sure that the pens they display are turned correctly. Look at where the material meets the pen component. Make sure that the pen is turned down to the right dimensions to match the metal component of the pen. Having the pen over or under turned will cause you to feel where the component meets the material as you use the pen and will not be comfortable. Also look at the finish on the pen. Make sure that there are no visible scratches or tooling marks in the finish. Whether a satin or gloss finish there should be no circular scratch rings around the pen showing in the finish. Ask the pen maker about the final step they use to finish their pens. Most often buffing is the best choice for removing even the finest of imperfections in a finish.