September 26, 2019

Two ways to get free pokémonedas in Pokémon GO

Although it seems that the sick fever that infected everyone called Pokémon GO has already passed a little, many of us continue to play and enjoy the game as the first days . Perhaps the most expert of the place already a little tired of the dynamics or do not have too many stimuli to continue playing , especially if you have noticed that it is now more difficult to capture Pokémon . If your case is the opposite and you just started playing it, there are formulas that will help you improve quickly .

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We can do nothing to level up faster or capture better Pokémon, but to improve your equipment and fill your pockets with pokeballs, baits and incenses. For this we need pokémonedas and there are a couple of perfect formulas to get those coins for free.

How to win totally free Pokémon

There are two techniques with which to win pokémonedas in a free, fast way and that does not involve too much effort if you usually play the game. We are going to shear them. You may also be interested: These are the easiest and most difficult Pokémon to capture in Pokémon GO
The first one, which we met thanks to Xombit Games , may be one of the most complex, since we need to reach a certain level in order to fight in the gyms . Once we have enough skill and conquer one, we will earn 10 pokémonedas if we stay as leaders for 20 hours . As we can conquer up to a maximum of 10 gyms at the same time, after those 20 hours we can win 100 pokémonedas in less than a day .
The second trick, somewhat less known, is to write surveys in Google Opinion Rewards . In the first instance, you may think that there is no relationship between Google and Pokémon GO, but when filling out these surveys we will receive a series of credits redeemable for those long-awaited pokémonedas. If you want to try this trick we invite you to download this application from Google .

As you can see, these are two simple methods to win totally free pokemonedas . Perhaps the most complex (that of the gyms) requires more play time, since staying in a gym for 20 hours requires having some of the strongest and most effective Pokémon . For this same reason, we invite you to try the Google Opinion Rewards surveys first until you have the necessary Pokémon to destroy everything you find along the way.
Did you know these tricks? Have you tried them? Leave us a comment if you know any other simple trick with which to earn coins quickly.