September 12, 2019

ECOEC Token Distribution

60% + 4%

To achieve the objectives of the First ECO-cluster project, out of 50,000,000 issues of ECOEC tokens, 60% (30,000,000) will be sold at prices ranging from 0.075–0.15 ETH and more.

30 000 000 ECOEC will be distributed over 1 000 000 ECOEC for the construction of microdistricts in 25 countries and 5 in Russia (Tyumen, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar).

So far, the cost of ECOEC for tokenizing the first objects in Russia and 10 countries of the world is 0.075 ETH. With the increase in the cost of the ECOEC token on exchanges, the cost of the ECOEC token for tokenizing objects will gradually increase to 0.15 ETH.

Tokens intended for the project team are partially distributed. The bulk of the tokens will be distributed within a few years before the depletion of this fund. Previously, this will occur on December 31 and June 30 of each year. The project team includes the CEO and his assistants, representatives and agents of the project in the countries, employees in each country of the world who will build the Ecoposelok microdistricts.

This is a project development fund mainly intended to increase the dynamics of sales of finished houses in Ecoposelok microdistricts. Buyers of real estate projects of the project for fiat money will receive cashback with ECOEC tokens from 10 to 50% (and the first maybe 100%)

Airdrop Fund and Bounty Company. A part of it has already been distributed to 7,600 project participants. The bulk of the fund will be used to encourage investors to buy tokens for tokenization. Holders of these tokens will receive in addition to the dividends of ECOECTRON and tokens of projects of partners, also the main ECOEC token.

Accordingly, the project’s marketing is aimed at attracting new investors and motivating token holders to buy tokens for tokenizing objects.

What contributes to this?

  • the issue of the ECOEC token is 50,000,000 and there is no plan to issue another token;
    — until the mass development of the Ecoposelok microdistricts (end of 2020–2021), no more than 5% of the issue will be sold on the stock exchange (there will be a reasonable deficit)
    — the use of the token for real life will increase (cashback service, payment of tours, platform services, and later goods and services for the life of country houses and any goods on the ECONEUARK Internet platform)
    — the deficit will lead to an increase in the cost of the token to 0.075–0.15 ETH and more.!/trade/ECOEC-ETH

Thank you for being with us!