January 1, 2021

Why Purchase Ecoguard Hand Grinding Tool?

Ecoguard provides a complete range of hand grinding tool for all types of jobs and applications. Our hand tools are suitable for the excellent coating on any sized task or for Do It Yourself projects. With their sturdy, light-weight construction, Ecoguard hand tools can be used anywhere and on both horizontal and upright surfaces. In addition, all of our hand tools have a selection of optional accessories and add-ons to fit your specific job demands.

Because of the specially designed flexible shrouds the hand held grinders are almost dust free when connected to the appropriate Ecoguard dust collection system. Ecoguard has designed a full range of concrete grinders and diamond tools for concrete, which give you the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.

Hand Grinding Tools


Ideal for universal applications, as well as inspiring in efficiency and longevity. Engineered for maximum efficiency on concrete, stone, terrazzo, and cement based overlayments.


Suitable for light-weight machines. Cost-effective yet motivating in efficiency. Engineered for optimal effectiveness on concrete, stone, terrazzo, and also cementitious overlayments.


The Z-BAR mug wheel is suitable for aggressive, fast grinding applications, inspiring in performance and longevity. It is engineered for optimal performance on concrete, terrazzo and cementitious overlayments.


The BEAR CLAW cupwheel is particularly crafted for quick elimination of surface coverings and also cementitious underlayment/overlayment, while leaving a clean 25 grit surface account. The private sections incorporate a tungsten carbide front shield on the reducing edge with sintered cobalt sectors and our really unique blend of high performance ruby abrasives. The results are awe inspiring rate and maximum efficiency for the customer.


The HYPERGRIND PCD Cup Wheels is fitted with distinctively crafted segments, which are perfect for aggressive, fast grinding applications on difficult to extremely difficult concrete. Inspiring in performance and longevity, it is crafted for optimal efficiency and also labor savings.

Why Select Ecoguard Hand Grinding Tool

User Friendly

Easy to steer, minimal resonances and also user friendly control board. Thanks to the elevation adjustable handles it is very easy to maintain control over the machine. Plug and grind!

One Single Grinding Head

The single grinding head allows all the pressure of the machine to be dispersed onto the one diamond disc being used. This makes the equipment perfect for 'aggressive' grinding.

Dust Free Working Environment

Every hand grinding tool is able to function dust totally free, creating a safe working environment..

Wide Range of Tools Available

Our hand held grinders work with the wide range of diamond grinding tools. This permits you to use the machine for a vast array of flooring applications.

Perfect For Industrial Flooring

The mix of the centered pressure and also long lasting diamond devices make these machines perfect for simultaneously removing old coatings and levelling floors

Green Technology

Our Hand Grinding Tool, like any other Concrete Polishing Tools, do not use any type of chemicals or waste beneficial drinking water.

ECOGUARD is a green, sustainable Concrete Polishing Solutions that offers the complete range of diamond abrasive for concrete with low cost and high maintenance.