Blue Pills and Erectile Dysfunction

You must have heard of blue pills also known as ‘Viagra’ and its use to treat erectile dysfunction/male impotence disorder, right? But, the question is, does it really work? There are numerous myths which are spread around men about sexual health and their medications. We have come up here with facts on how blue pills can help improve your erectile health and lead to better sex life.

Let’s start!

What is Blue Pill ‘Viagra’?

Blue Pill better known as Viagra pill is a Food and Drug Administration approved drug for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment. Viagra containing sildenafil citrate helps treat erection issues by increasing blood flow to penile tissues (corpus cavernous) and drive a firm erection.

Well, how can increasing blood flow improve erection? Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction which makes it tough for a man to attain or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. ED might happen because of some physiological or psychological or both causes. The common scenario ED creates is, it rigid blood flow to penis (common function that develops erection).

Viagra ‘blue pill’ help in the same way. It regulates bloodstream and eventually work for better erectile health.

Viagra ‘Blue Pill’ Dosages

Since Viagra is one of the best erectile dysfunction drugs, it is available in several dosages to ensure it is suitable for every man. Viagra ‘sildenafil’ comes in dosages from Viagra 50 mg to 200 mg. One must discuss about dosage with doctor and pick one on doctor’s recommendation. Let’s brief a bit about dosages to better understand what dosage do the best for your erectile health. Well, Viagra 120mg is considered the ideal dosage for its low side-effects risk and strong effectiveness. However, different dosages may suit different people and so it is good to have a talk with your doctor.

Viagra Alternatives

Viagra ‘blue pill’ is not the only erectile dysfunction medication/drug that helps. Since erectile dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction in men with aging, several research was held and several drugs came up as treatment too.

There are several Viagra altervatives that can help you in same way like Viagra (sildenafil) does. Why not name a few?

· Generic drugs:

If Viagra is not a fit for you, you can go for generic Viagra alternatives drugs containing sildenafil as Viagra does. Cenforce 100 and Fildena are one of the best generic erectile dysfunction drugs, and no doubt effective enough to drive you stronger and lasting erections.

· Cialis:

Cialis also known as ‘the weekend pill’ is a long lasting Viagra alternative containing tadalafil. However the drug works similarly as sildenafil does but have a long lasting effect. Cialis is available in dosages from Cialis 5mg to 60mg tablets. One should consult with doctor to choose a suitable dosage. Single dose of Cialis pills can last up to 36 hours depending on individual overall health.

· Levitra:

Last but for sure not the least, Levitra containing vardenafil which has stronger effect than other ED drugs. Available in dosages from Levitra 10mg to 60mg pills, it is worth try when you are looking for a strong medication for erection. It is often taken as Viagra alternative for its same working mechanism and lasting duration.

These are some good ‘blue pill’ Viagra alternatives that might help you get stronger and lasting erection for sex. Well, we have some other treatment options that might help with erectile health too.

Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Is there some natural way to treat erectile dysfunction? Umm, yes. There are natural ways or you can say lifestyle changes that help enhance erectile dysfunction. Erectile health is basically depended on your overall health. Trying out things that enhance overall health will ultimately have a positive effect on erection.

Well, cardiovascular health is major factor that can help enhance erectile health and common lifestyle changes like exercising, yoga, and healthy diet will help. On the other hand, meditation can help promote psychological relaxation for better sexual arousal. Avoiding smoking and alcohol also help by preventing blood vessels damage.

No doubt, blue pills can help with erectile dysfunction. Since there are its effective alternatives available as well, you can give them a try too. Hope the post helped!