We started our own blog. Why?

As you may have noticed, we haven't been in touch for a long time. The telegram was empty, all sources of communication were empty and quiet. And it wasn't for nothing. We have a lot of news, both good and bad. Let's start with the bad news.

AppInspector - over. We don't develop and support this project anymore. We are grateful for the experience gained in working with Windows services and writing them to gain control and access. Perhaps someday we will finish it to a "raw" state because it is stupid to lose what we have written. On the other hand, thanks to AppInspector we have written the first version of ElectroID - the account system and Spherium UI - the framework for Visual Studio.


New application in VK from Strawberry - release.

This week team-leader Strawberry has released a new application for VKontakte. It has acquired a new stylish look and fresh looks for the team. At the moment it is in beta state. It needs to be tested:
- Display of profile data and QR code
- nickname change
- stakes
- setting change
- Updating all data (notifications, player tops, etc.)

Link: https://vk.com/app6988761

New application

Two new team members: Sergey Dillong and Danya Nikolaev

We've got the rest of our team. Sergey Dilong is a web developer and Danya Nikolaev is a android-developer. All this is not easy and connected with the new project, which we are talking about below:

dilong: sominemo.com

New project - new application

We're starting to work on a new project that's right for everyone. The target audience of the project is everything, because it is really useful for all people. We won't say anything about it, but we'll just add that it's cloud related and will be cross-platform. The first stage has already been successfully completed and a detailed workflow is ready. Wait, we will publish news about the project in a blog called AIR. That's all, thank you for reading - subscribe to our blog!