October 7, 2020

Ingress GlyphChallenge Collection (2018-2019)

There was a monthly challenge where agents should draw a specific glyph (given by Ingress) using links and fields. Here are some of the related ops i was involved with.

Mostly using homogeneous fields (L1-4) to get the different shades of blue.

EVOLUTION - 2019.sept.

the last one - never got evaluated and winners were not listed

Knowledge - 2019.august

Nemesis - 2019.july

It was an event based and time limited glyph. I did the planning but all the cleaning, walking, key farming and linking was @Riosor 's job

MIND - 2019. june

called it Human Mind as both glyphs got together somehow :)

VICTORY - 2019. may

DESTINY - 2019. march

a linkstar aproach

HUMAN - 2019. february

LIBERATE - 2019. january

HARMONY - 2018. december

one of my favorite, simple but effective

PURE - 2018. november

This was a visit to Plovdiv city and the lower part of it is a nice HCF 4 with almost identical in length sides

CAPTURE - 2018. august

This one started very simple. Just 5 links with good proportions to the real glyph. Then it growed to a big op with planing, cleaning, driving around till we finally managed to 'capture' the 'capture' glyph in a field.

Agents: @Riosor, @KERBEROSDOG, @EdinDen,

Location: Dobrich, Bulgaria (except 'Pure' - Plovdiv, Bulgaria)