November 27, 2020

Promotion of fruit bouquets studio


✔️ home studio of fruit floristry

✔️2.200 subscribers

✔️Low activity on the account. Lack of orders.

✔️Average check is above average.

Tasks: recruit a target audience for an account, maximize sales and recoup all costs

Account development under my leadership began on October 1.

Statistics at the time of starting work:

What was done?

✅First, we have decided on the profile header and texts. We focused on personality.

All texts began to be written in the first person, the name was also written in the header in order to inspire trust and sympathy among potential clients from the very first seconds.

✅In content, they adhered to restrained posts without aggressive sales. The focus was on entertainment content.

All the content that sold was mixed with entertainment. Due to this, people did not have the feeling that they were trying to sell something "head-on", but on the contrary, the activity and involvement only increased.

And this gave a response in the first month.

+1000 live subscribers only on free methods. In the first month: 43 orders.

✅ The client had excellent photographs of her work taken by a professional photographer. Therefore, we had no problems with the visual component. Due to the bright visual content, we also influenced the audience, causing emotions and the desire to buy.

✅In the second month of work, we agreed with 3 bloggers to barter: post + story for a bouquet.

✅The target was launched at the end of November. We tested several audiences.

We launched ads both in the feed and in the stories. The feed came out cheaper - 3-7 rubles per click. Stories - 12-15 rubles.

We also received subscribers and orders from the target.

✅ Also in November we held a contest in honor of the birthday of our studio. More than 480 participants were gathered.

In December, we continued to work with targeted advertising.

✅In the profile itself, we put more emphasis on video content, due to which we went to the TOP and received 150-400 subscribers.

Examples of posts that hit the TOP👇

Thus, due to the content, we also recruited an audience for the account.

✅ In December, we also held a New Year's contest to activate new people on the account.

✅It should be noted that the client went live 3-4 times a month. On average, we collected ~ 600 views. It warmed people up a lot and raised the level of trust.

The audience responds very warmly to all posts. Sincerely writes comments and likes. We regularly receive compliments and thanks for the broadcasts, for the posts, and just for sincerity.

✅An audience of beginning florists has appeared. We plan to record and sell online courses for them.

A lot of customers made multiple orders after the first call. Accordingly, from one customer we could receive orders for the amount of 10-12 thousand rubles, with an average price of a bouquet of ~ 3.500 rubles.

In total for October - December we have gained ~ 6.600 active audience.

End of December statistics👇

The peak of attendance occurred on the days when we launched the target.

By March 8, we were also launching targeted ads. (Budget 15.000₽ - 166 euros)

In January - March, we gained another 2,400 subscribers. The audience, despite the fact that this is a commercial account, is quite active (on average, posts collect ~ 370 likes).


✔️For the entire time of work ~ 262 orders were issued only from Instagram - an average check of 3500 rubles. (38 euros)

✔️ We have actively developed a personal brand so that many florists began to ask to organize online training for food floristry. (What the client is doing now)

✔️Increased prices for the entire range.

✔️Instagram has become stable and only customer traffic. The florist's workload is 100%. Sign up for several weeks in advance.


🏆 Promotion of businesses and bloggers, production

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