November 27, 2020

Promotion of premium solid wood furniture

Given: 4673 subscribers, including bots, Instagram does not bring applications at all and does not develop in any way.

Instagram profile: @duxloft

Niche: custom-made solid wood furniture. Average check of a product ~ 60 thousand rubles.

Objective: to develop Instagram so that it becomes a stable source of customer traffic.


👉 lack of reviews, as a result of trust among potential customers

👉 unwillingness on the part of clients to broadcast and film themselves in a story/ feed

👉lack of professional and high-quality photos from the place of production

👉blocking by instagram the possibility of subscriptions and likes by target audience

What we did:

✔️ Edited the profile description, worked out the account design.

Account before starting work
Account after

✔️In the first month of work, we actively closed customer objections with the help of content and filming stories, if possible from the place of production. ✔️Connected mass following and massliking (while it was working) for the target audience. With this method, on average, we received ~ 1200 subscribers per month.

✔️Developed a welcome message script and sent it to new subscribers with a 15% discount on the first order.

✔️Developed a script for messages for designers and inviting them to cooperation. We also sent a message with a discount for the first order to new subscribers of competitors. Received a response from 2-3 people per day. We agreed on cooperation with designers and business owners from related niches.

‼ ️The main difficulty is the lack of a photo. The production is one-to-one and is adjusted to the specific needs of the client. Therefore, it was not possible to prepare the content in advance. We found a way out: we took photo examples of works with an indication of the possibility of repetition, and closed all objections with the help of expert content.

✔️Posts due to interesting content often went to the top by hashtags. At the expense of one such post, we can increase the profile traffic and the number of direct requests.

Statistics of a post that has reached the TOP
Account statistics on the days when the post hit the TOP

You can see how the TOP affects the visit to your account. This saved the coverage, since it was during the end of May - July that Instagram blocked the account for mass following and massliking, and we had to suspend the use of this method.

✔️ From the second month, we connected targeted advertising and tested several target audiences.

Since the niche is from the premium segment, the CPC came out more expensive and averaged 18.50 rubles (0.20 cents)

Total: 10,990 rubles (122 euros) were spent for the entire validity period.

Received 594 transitions to the profile.

During the specified period, the following were launched:

👉2 campaigns to drive traffic to profile and lead forms.

👉7 ad groups for different audiences,

👉35 advertisements tested.

The total audience growth for the entire period of work was 4527.

Beginning Coverage: 743

Reach now: 26186

Impressions at the beginning of the period: 1450

Shows now: 66008

Statistics at the end of the work

✅ For the entire period of validity, ~ 215 direct requests were received. There have also been many WhatsApp requests and comments.

✅ Monthly customers receive ~ 50 requests for the manufacture of products with an average bill of 60,000 rubles (666 euros).

In the work, they mainly used free methods of promotion and thanks to them it was possible to achieve such a result.

Thus, Instagram has become a stable source of customer traffic in 4 months.


🏆 Promotion of businesses and bloggers, production

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