November 27, 2020

Promotion of a Korean cosmetics store from scratch to a million in 5 months

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The shop was neither offline nor online. The client approached me with a desire to develop Instagram so that it would bring in a steady income of 300,000 roubles a month. (3,300 euros).

We started working in July 2019.

Since the promotion was from scratch, and the niche of Korean cosmetics is highly competitive, a plan was made to work from scratch to the desired results for at least 3 months of work.

First month - account packaging (content, photos), second month - testing all available advertising methods, third month - increasing the budget for the advertising campaign.

What was done:

✅ Gave recommendations on a photo shoot for the visual design of the account with recommendations and instructions for the photographer.

✅ A content plan was drawn up to make people trust the small shop.

✅ A range of offers for each customer segment was thought out

✅Crafted tips that set us apart from most shops:

👉Personalized hashtag with the "Ylitka_hunter" column, where we compare the formulations of Korean cosmetics and expensive luxury brands.

👉 Product of the week promotion with 10-15% off popular products.

👉 Compiled author's checklists for skin and hair care. Written professional articles which are fixed in the profile header and are freely available. This is something that the client can get for free and at any time, which already makes us stand out from the rest. In this way the client makes the first contact with us. We put the same checklists in every order.

👉 Thoughtful service: choice of transport company, fast delivery, free selection of care. A choice of gifts on purchase: headband, alginate mask or sheet mask.

We also developed the shop concept and made a logo. The colour scheme of the account blends in with the logo, making the style consistent.

In the first month we only worked on filling the account and attracting the first audience, using free promotion methods. Mass following and mass likes still worked.

In the first month, we negotiated advertising with small bloggers by barter. On average, barter advertising paid for itself 2-3 times over.

We reposted all the advertising posts to our profile to create a positive image and a feeling that everyone was using our cosmetics.

We also ran sweepstakes in months 2 and 3 with larger accounts and a blogger to gain our first audience per account faster.

In September and October (3rd and 4th month of work) we took ads from bloggers every week and already started getting bigger sales - ads were paying off up to 10 times.

We took ads mostly in articles and gave a promo code for a discount to bloggers' subscribers. If it was an advertising post, we wrote the text ourselves.

An example of a blog post👇 Advertising paid off 5 times.

We saved each blogger's advertisement in a separate album, so that potential clients would have the feeling that all opinion leaders use our cosmetics.

In October, we held a Halloween promotion, orders for that day were about 50,000 rubles. (555 euros) In total, in October, we took ads from 5 bloggers with audiences of 50-250 k.

In October, sales amounted to ~ 150,000 rubles. (1666 euros)

In early November, when the profile was already ready for major advertising, we took a good giveaway with a loyal audience from another blogger. A month has passed since the giveaway, the statistics are still normal, and sales have recaptured the cost of the giveaway.

Then we took an advertisement in Stories from a blogger with 1 million subscribers. We attracted more than 2000 subscribers to our profile, the advertising paid off 2 times.

Targeted advertising in Facebook+Instagram:

The advertising budget was around 111 euros per months and we receive about 5-7 subscriptions and 1 request per day. We focus on advertising in the feed, as it comes out cheaper. We took audiences by interests, look-alike, retargeting to site visitors (pixel is installed) and profile.

We use traffic and conversion as a goals.

GOAL "Conversion" - 23.81 rubles per conversion (0.25 cents)
Average CPC - 9,97 rubles (0.11 cents) for stories, 13,78 rubles (0,15 cents) for feed

On 29.11.19-01.12.19 we made Black Friday. A week before we launched an advertising campaign via Facebook. As a result, since Black Friday we have received sales of ~ 90,000 rubles. (1000 euros).

Example of advertisement

November turned out to be stable for orders, in total ~ 244,000 rubles (2711 euros) were earned.

In December, we took ads from 4 bloggers and took part in a competition with related niches and approximately the same number of subscribers.

We have collected more than 2500 comments and attracted 700 new subscribers. We received orders and paid for the presented certificates. The contest post was advertised through a target.

On average, from each blogger we received about 20-30 orders per day of advertising and paid for it in the first day.

As a result, in a very highly competitive niche with a limited advertising budget - only ~ 25-30 thousand per month (while competitors are investing hundreds of thousands), we managed to develop a profile of up to 30,000 subscribers, achieve a return on investment of 5 and reach the required level in 5 months from scratch.

In total ~ 1,000,000 rubles (11 111 euros) were earned.


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