Top 10 Water Treatment Systems industries Worldwide..

Water treatment systems are an important source to safeguard human lives against diseases caused as a result of the consumption of contaminated water. Rapid industrialization has led to unsupervised dumping of harmful chemicals into the water bodies and has rendered it polluted and unfit for use. Thus, water purification and water treatment systems become a necessity to avoid cholera, diarrhea and other fatal diseases.

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Top Companies :

1. 3M Company
2. A. O. Smith Corporation
3. Culligan International Company
4. EcoWater Systems LLC
5. Evoqua Water Technologies LLC
6. Koninklijke Philips N.V.
7. Panasonic Corporation
8. Pentair plc
9. Unilever PLC
10. Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

The water treatment systems market is anticipated to grow in the forecast period owing to driving factors such as growing urban population, rising health awareness and increased industrial waste discharge in water bodies. Moreover, government regulations against water pollution coupled with affordable water treatment units further propel the water treatment systems market growth. However, the growing popularity and consumption of bottled water is a major restraining factor for this market. The rising individual awareness regarding safe water consumption is likely to showcase growth opportunities for key players in the water treatment systems market during the forecast period.