August 6, 2020

How to Forward Emails from Apple Mail to Gmail?

Thinking about moving emails from Mac Mail to Gmail or having a requirement to forward emails from Apple Mail to Gmail account? If yes, then here in this post we are describing the most effective and trustworthy solution for successfully save Mac Mail emails into the Gmail account with attachments.

Nowadays, commonly users are switching from one platform to another and desktop application to cloud application. And forwarding emails from Apple Mail to Gmail is one of them. So, users are daily searching different queries related to Apple Mail to Gmail migration a lot on Google to find a perfect solution or method to effectively forward Apple Mail emails to Gmail account with attachments.

On the digital market, there are different solutions available - Manual and Professional to know how to forward emails from Apple Mail to Gmail. But here we recommend you only a professional or third party tool because most of the users found a manual solution is very problematic and trick to apply and the manual solutions include a lot of risk of data corruption or losing data integrity. That is why here we only suggest the third-party tool - MBOX to Gmail, which is an automated tool to easily forward emails from Mac Mail to Gmail account without any problem.

Now, without wasting too much time anymore, let’s understand what MBOX to Gmail software is and how it is helpful for saving Apple Mail files into the Gmail account.

MBOX to Gmail - An Automated Solution to forwarding Mac Mail Emails in Gmail

Through CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail application, every user can effectively and successfully save Apple Mail MBOX mailboxes into the Gmail account along with attachments. By using this tool, a user can forward all Apple Mail mailboxes into a single Gmail account at once or a user can also forward each Apple Mail mailbox into a different Gmail account at once without facing any problem or error. There is no difficulty in using this tool, it is a really helpful solution if you are a technical or non-technical user. This tool amazingly forwards your bulk database from Apple Mail to Gmail account at once without any risk of data loss or data integrity. It preserves all emails, meta-headers, email attributes, and attachments in their original way having no one changes.

Steps to Know How to Forward Emails from Apple Mail to Gmail

Follow the below-described process of the MBOX to Gmail Tool to resolve the query “how to forward emails from Apple Mail to Gmail” within a few minutes.

Step 1. Download and Install MBOX to Gmail on your Windows machine.

Step 2. Launch this tool on your desktop and click on Add Files or Add Folder button to upload Apple Mail files into the tool.

Step 3. After uploading Mac Mail files, click on the Next button.

Step 4. Now select the Gmail saving options as per your choice: 1. Forward all Apple Mail mailboxes in a single Gmail/G suite Account, and 2. Forward each Apple Mail mailbox into the separate Gmail account.

Step 5. After selecting one option between them, click on the Next to continue.

Step 6. Now enter the login credentials of your Gmail account in which you want to import Apple Mail emails. Then, click on the Export button to start the migration from MBOX to Gmail.

Step 7. View the live migration process with status. And within a minute the tool will complete the migration process with the success message. Then, press the OK button for completing the task.

The Concluding Words

At the end of the post, we assured that you have found a great solution to come out from the problem of “how to forward emails from Apple Mail to Gmail”. One of the best features of the tool is also available for free. That means the software is also available as a Free Trial Edition, which is compatible to forward the first 20 emails from each Apple Mail mailbox to the Gmail account free of cost. After testing its working with the free trial, you can buy it for moving bulk Apple Mail mailboxes into the Gmail account at once.