August 24, 2018

One for Everything

Global decentralized gaming platform. Advanced Blockchain for scalability projects

The technology is based on a new BlockChain & SmartEvents. This is a set of protocols and smart deterministic contracts designed to automate operations in the SmartHoldem ecosystem.


The new technological protocol is developed for the SmartHoldem platform. It is the heart of the platform, a warrant, the arbiter in games and the betting bank. The work of algorithms is in the blockchain, it prevents any interfering.

2 levels of Delegates

Level 1 of the (A) signs the blocks with the main transactions

The second level of the deltas (B) ensures the functioning of decentralized applications and child chains and distribute the gaming winnings.

Advanced Transactions

Advanced Transaction Options: TimeLock, Payment with encrypted message, MultiPay, SuperBlock Tx, Tournament, RegName. The options are constantly expanding. Defence from Erroneous commissions.

Cross-Chain Tx

It connects the sidechains and performs interchain communication. Compatibility system of sidechains, gamechains and Blockchain SmartHoldem.


This is SideChain. Maximum compact, protected from “bad chains” by the new technology developed in the SmartHoldem framework.


Special-purpose storage addresses for game banks are inaccessible for all, except for the SmartEvents & Services automated event system.


Unique tournament system with the automatically renewed tournament fund and start balance of 1,200,00 tokens SmartHoldem (0.5% of total volume of coins).


The Service API provides a common way for to define blockchain interoperability services and exposes them over a simple REST-ful API. The API allows service consumers to create Service contracts, pay for contracts, get results of contract executions.

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