Simplify your travel with ease: Presenting Enegitech New Lithium batteries

In the recent past century, the field of science and technology has made leaps and bounds of progress and growth. The field is ever developing and always evolving. There are no parallels to compare the contribution of science and technology with any other sector. The contribution of science and technology in the professional sectors such as automobile industries, space technology, communications, agriculture among various others has been immensely important.

In this very year of 2019, John Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino achieved the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work in the field of Lithium-Ion batteries. Such is the significant importance of RC batteries in our modern-day to day lives and the immense amount of work put into the development of batteries by our brightest intellectual minds in recent times.

Batteries exist all around us. They are portable packs of power which function on the scientific principle of electrochemistry which through a constant chemical reaction produce electric current and transmit it to your electronic gadgets and device through an inbuilt electric circuit. The electronic devices and gadgets surround us everywhere we go. They are your laptops, computers, security cameras, tablets smartphones like iPhone battery replacement and so on so forth. They all require power to function which is derived from their inbuilt batteries.

A global leading manufacturer of batteries is Enegitech which produces and manufactures batteries for a wide range of gadgets and devices ranging from power tools, smartphones, laptops, among others. Enegitech manufactures a wide range of batteries to meet the demands of the wide range of consumer requirements. The brand is a well-reputed and established in the consumer market known for manufacturing long-lasting, diverse, highly durable, high-quality Dewalt replacement batteries for various electronic-based gadgets.

Mobility is an essential aspect when it comes to batteries. They are basically portable and are commonly installed in portable electronic devices which are very intrinsic part of our modern daily lives. In recent times, Enegitech has upgraded its battery products with the latest infusion of technology.

In this article, we shall provide the essential details regarding Enegitech’s upgraded Lithium batteries which aide in simplifying your travel with ease:

  1. Upgraded 3v Lithium Batteries

The 3v Lithium batteries and RCR123a rechargeable batteries are commonly made use of in electronic devices like cameras, medical equipment’s, GPS navigation gadgets, security systems etc. Enegitech has upgraded their 3v batteries with higher capacity to 1600 mAh, with low self-discharge rate, PTC protection technology with one year warranty and 30-day refund policy. The upgraded 3v lithium batteries are available in a pack of 12 batteries.