February 25, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages to having one languages in the world

The languages help us to understand each other’s ideas and also to have a conversation. Nowadays the most popular and necessary Language is English. As far as i know having one language in the world have advantages and also some disadvantages.

One advantage to having one language is uselessness learning other language.Because it will be like your mother language. after all you will have free time to self study or to grow up your own business. From which you may make money to your future.For not refuse anything. In addition you never will feel you nervous, when you will speak with people from another country. An you will have a lot of friends.

Unfortunately it has many disadvantages. And the worst concern is war. People will told theirs point of view like our language comes from our ancestors and we cant put out it.And it is may lead to global war.world will divided in groups of languages.There will untrusting which may lead to economic downturn.

in conclusion i want said that we must love our language because it is remainder of our nationality and it is our history.