February 27, 2020

Many offenders commit more crimes after serving first punishment.Why is that happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem.

A lot of offenders commit more crime after their's first punishment.And there are some questions kind of why they do it and i know how to combat with it. For this i have some different solutions.

Firstly, the reason of theirs act is when they listened how long they will be in the prison. of course while you listened it you feel disheartened.After that number they disappeared wish.Secondly,live into the prison have some different like surrounded you people only offenders. They can not teach you to kindness. Then you will now only how to stole something or how to make knife from toothbrush. It cardinally affected to your mind. In addition,In a prison police shame offenders.After that they may be mad and do more crimes.

There're we have two benefit solution.One way is to give a chance to offender to do like read or make some experiments.Because we do not know what inside of theirs minds. May he has a lot of knowledge as a outgoing person but he hold it down .Second way is give work or make a date with women who has been in a prison too.That chance to begin second live and of course to stabilize there’s own live.
In conclusion i want to say that offender are just accused. Because the really offenders are those people who made them be angry or to stole. People can’t be angry themself they are just evil product someone.