Sell on Etsy with Etsy Payments

Hi, there! I sell on Etsy, and do it pretty well. I have 10 stores in various niches, some of them duplicate each other, increasing the amount of sales on the whole. I have 5 stores opened with Paypal. I have other 5 stores using Etsy Payments. And I can definitely confirm that these particular stores with Etsy Payments make more sales, have better conversions and bring more money!

Some proof

Store with Etsy Payments

Store with Paypal only. Goods are the same in both stores

Etsy give more traffic to store with Etsy Payments and conversion are much better

I live in a country where I cant get the Etsy Payments, but I found the way to do that! I open my stores in different countries. I made a special manual how to do that safe, so Etsy doesn’t ban all these stores even if one of them gets copyright strike for your cute shirt Mickey Mouse that you "drew so hard" or searched in Google ;)

Fuck Disney :)

As you may understand, this experience costed me much time and efforts. That’s why I’m not ready to share it for free and with lots of people (if everyone knows about it, it will kill the working scheme). Im ready to sell this manual to a certain amount of sellers. And if you are interested in it, you should be ready to follow the instructions very closely. You should be ready for a monthly payments of $50-100 for maintenance your Etsy store. And of course, you should pay for this manual itself - $300 in Bitcoins.

The manual has a detailed instruction how to maintain multi stores from one computer and don’t loose them, when one of them gets troubles from Etsy. You will also have information how to open a real account in an European or English bank to have the Etsy Payments.

If you are not good in technical issues or just don't have time, I can even create a store with Etsy Payments for you for $1200 in Bitcoins. To do that I will need a scan of your passport and utility bill to register a bank account for your name, so you can get there your earned money from Etsy. It will take about 2 weeks to complete the registration.


- I don’t sell digital products or prints on-demand, I do sell physical products. Can I still have Etsy Payments?

Yes, you can. You can sell any types of products (physical, digital etc). Everything is clearly explained in the Manual.

- What bank will you open an account with my documents?

It is a private information that costs the money.

- How can I get the money from Etsy?

You will get the money to your bank by a transfer wire. The regularity (once a week, once in 2 weeks or once a month) you can set yourself in Etsy Settings.

- I don’t understand how to create a new user on a computer and how to settle a private VPN.

I can do it all for you. After all you should only follow the instructions. This ‘turn-key’ work will costs extra money ($1200).

- I do not understand bitcoins, can I pay by paypal?

No sorry, only bitcoins. Check this

- If I have a store on Etsy, does it mean that it won’t be banned?

If you don’t want your store to be banned, you should follow all the Etsy policies as usual. But in case if it actually happens, you will easily open a new one. For instance, I had a good selling store at Etsy that worked for an year. But because of the competitors’ complains, it was closed. But I had no problems to create 2 new ones.

OK, let's do it!