September 27, 2023

How we increased revenue of the beauty salon at Dubai Marina by 30% in the first month of work

Read to the end and find out how we achieved the result

We often heard from potential customers - "we tried, but the target does not work for us and does not give the desired results." Today we will tell you that this is not the case and with the right approach, in the first month you can increase the revenue of a beauty salon in off-season.

How did it all start?

We contacted the head of the Paulista beauty salon on the recommendation. At that time, they were already working with targetologists and even received customer requests. But we all understand (I hope so) that applications are one thing, but you can't earn from them.

These are not the first specialists with whom she worked, usually we don't blame and hate colleagues, it's wrong, but what the guys left for us to work with is a trash... blocked accounts, it is impossible to understand what is connected to where

Since we are always focused on long-term cooperation, we understand if our work does not pay off, then what is the point of working with us.

P.S. The average LTV of working with us is ~ 12 months

Let's start in order:

So, a month before the start of work, we were in touch for exactly a month and helped the head of the salon unlock FB/INST accounts for free.

  1. We already got, the head worked with the targetologists, the result was absolutely not satisfied... at the same time, another Google Ads specialist worked with her, they also did not achieve results there. We will write below why there was no result in all cases.
  2. FB\INST specialists deprived her of access to the cabinet, money was spent, and there was no reporting, she had no idea how everything worked there. People wrote, but from closed accounts with the text "how much",  were lost after... It is clear that they are not quite targeted, it is difficult to work in 2022 only with cold traffic
  3. Here, the lack of results is not only the fault of specialists, because the target is an advertisement for your business, and what if there is a void in the account? The lack of content, information, elementary price reduces the conversion to a booking too much. She managed Instagram account  somehow herself, without plans, etc. The picture quality is poor, there is no understanding how to shoot and take photos, but there is a vision and a desire to change everything - this is an advantag. There is no sales funnel... and understanding how to maintain an account too

Local experts offer expensive services with "collective farm" frames, "watery" texts, which did not suit her. There was also a website that was made very "inanimate"

  • there are no real photos of the works
  • there is no individual information, only general template texts
  • there is no application form, just a call immediately
  • no photos of masters - no price list

Therefore, the result is bad...

Read carefully now! We will show you exactly what we have done to achieve results

First of all, we analyze the target audience and build a sales funnel. mind map

TA analysis is the foundation from which to start. Many people mistakenly think that their audience is just all girls 18-65, and also that they must be solvent, but here's a simple question are you ready for a solvent audience? It is a mistake to wait for "rich" girls in the salon, if you simply do not have a 4-handed service to save time, or there are no high-quality examples of work in the account. You need to understand your audience, imagine, analyze. Who are these people?

We divide the audience into segments and conduct interviews with everyone to understand exactly what a person wants to get from the service. We can assume that everyone needs permanent makeup, but if we divide people into segments according to their needs, then we understand that someone needs to correct the asymmetry, and someone just needs to highlight the contour. And in this case, we show each segment exactly what it needs and that's how we get the best results.

Next, we build a sales funnel. This is a chain of communication with the audience from the display of advertising to the sale of services

Packaging Instagram profile. Since this is the main place where potential customers will come first. INST before/after

The first thing that person sees the advertising banner and then enters the profile. A big mistake is made by those who show how good everything is in advertising, but when a person enters the profile, there is a void. Bad design, there are no high-quality photos/videos, the interior of the salon is not shown, the processes of work is unseen, etc. In this case, the person immediately leaves and does not perform the target action.

We fully designed the profile, indicated our current offer in the header, built a visual of the feed, highlights with a design in the corporate style, price list, Reels, links to sign up, connected an additional services for notifying new subscribers about our offers.


We prescribe a content plan for two weeks. Preparation of posts and stories

At first, we built a content plan for different salon services, but when the head decided to focus on hair extensions, we redesigned it with a hair bias. We prepared 15 posts for a month, from 5 stories are conducted daily, and Reels are shot. In this salon, there are problems with content. Employees have no idea how to hold the camera, remotely we are trying to help with setting the camera, setting the light.

Development of promotional offers for new customers and preparation of content for advertising

Based on the analysis of competitors, we looked at what others offer. It is important to note that if you see a competitor's advertisement in the feed, this does not mean that it works for them and people need their offer. It often happens.. everyone copies each other's offer, but it doesn't work.

To know exactly what works and what doesn't, for this we use the add. we use the services and look at how many days the advertising is working, what kind of user reaction we get, etc. And already on the basis of this data we form our proposals. Preferably from 2 to 5, since we don't know exactly what the audience will like more. After the tests, we choose the best and work on.

We prescribe the structure of advertising campaigns and upload all the prepared content

At this stage, we are working with audiences. If you already have a customer base, then we are looking for similar people based on it. We collect criteria for finding a new audience. We build a logical structure of advertising campaigns.

After the work done above, we put everything together and transfer it to the advertising cabinet (decorated banners/ videos, several text options).

Hypothesis testing and first applications

And now we come to the most important thing - it's launching test campaigns and receiving the first applications, on the basis of which we will optimize and scale our advertising campaigns to improve results.

What about the results?

In the first week of tests, we promoted several services: hair extensions, hair coloring, nails extensions

As a result, more emphasis was placed on hair extensions, since the head of the salon wants to completely switch to hair extensions

After a week of tests, we achieved a result of 4-8 requests per day. An appointment for a consultation is ~40%, which is considered a good conversion. One appeal comes out at $ 4-5. Average CTR 2.5-3%. Average CPC 0.40$

Average CTR 2.5-3%. Average CPC 0.40$.

During the month of work, we received 124 requests at an average price of $4.5. Data from already optimized hair extension campaigns

To date, on 07/14/2022, we have received 219 requests at an average price of 4.5-5$

What's next according to the plan?

As we already mentioned above, we plan to add a website to our sales funnel. We will have two one-page websites, the first one is shared, with a description of the salon, all services, reviews and other important information. The second website will only be for the hair extension service After all, there is an important rule in the development of single-page websites: 1 website - 1 product. This is done on purpose so that a person does not spray and sees only what is needed

After development of the website, we will expand the traffic sources and add Google Ads and TikTok Ads. With new traffic sources, we will be more flexible in attracting new customers. Just imagine, a person goes to Google and searches for where to grow hair. Person sees our advertisement, goes to the website and does not dare to leave a request. Leaves the website and we lose a potential client. BUT! We have a website on which there are tracking counters. What are people doing? They go to the TikTok, Insagram social networks and then we show them our advertising again, because we know that they have already visited our website, so they remember us and we show them our offer again. Perfect, not otherwise:)))

If your project needs a steady flow of high-quality traffic and increased sales, we, the DGTeam, know how to help you.

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