December 2, 2020

How Zodiac Signs And Mandala Designs Are Interrelated?

If we think beyond the physical world that we see and feel to live in, there is a prodigious universe confining eternal and infinite mystic secrets within herself. The understanding of its (The Universe) existence is beyond five basic human senses. One of such her (The Universe) mystic science is of Mandala. The meaning of the word Mandala as per the Sanskrit language is the circle, a sacred circle.

Our ancestors were smart spirituals and masters of spiritual mysticism, and were aware of the importance of the circle in the life of any living being found on earth. Right from our existence, we are associated with circles. You might be thinking, How? When it comes to life we are taught about the circle of life. During our life cycle what we perform or do is called our Karma, again we are taught about karma is what goes around comes around, again it’s about a circle. Life and karma are the most basic thing we need to be called alive and stay alive. Another important circle is the sun, the moon, the earth itself on which we are living, likewise our horoscope (birth-chart) is also a division of a life circle, all these circles are closely connected to life. So, it can be said mandala (circle) is closely associated with human life.

In Hinduism, there are lots of mandalas like Abha Mandal (Aura), Tara Mandal (stars/galaxies), Saur Mandal (solar system). So, there is mere importance that has been given to mandalas from physical existence to metaphysics.

Mandalas and zodiac signs have a close connection, possessing vibrational interrelation that helps the user using Mandala art products for mandala therapy. As we know there are 12 zodiac signs and each zodiac sign is 30°. A circle is constituted by 360° and if we divide by 12 which is the total zodiac sign, the result will be 30°. So, we can say zodiac signs and mandala have a close interrelation and it completes the circle, circle of karma, a circle of life, and a circle of a spiritual journey.

Different zodiac signs have different symbols and colors to represent them, along with that every zodiac sign has different attributes and characteristics. The geometry used in the mandala is a deep mystic science.

Why Evita’s Seasons Is The First Choice For Mandala Art Products?

Evita’s Seasons is providing different mandala products as per the zodiac designs. Evita’s Seasons is providing different mandala designs according to the zodiac signs. Different mandala product designs are best suitable for different zodiac signs. It is designed by renowned astrologers having deep knowledge of mandalas as well as astrology.

Mandala products like Mandala t-shirts, mandala canvas prints, mandala frame, mandala posters are available on Mandala products if used according to the zodiac signs can give rapid effects and more effective results.

People who used mandala products as per their zodiac signs have realized and felt the positive vibrations and positive effects more intensely and rapidly.

Mandala products when chosen based on the zodiac signs will help in getting connected with the wholeness of the universe and divine power. It will give you more positive powers and positive vibes that will surely enhance your spiritual journey as well as personal life.

Using a mandala design and concentrating and meditating on the mandala design made up of different geometry and shaped denoting the universe and cosmic powers can help you in many aspects of life and trigger and escalate certain attributes and emotions like,

  • Harmony
  • Healing
  • Vision
  • Intuition
  • Forgiveness
  • Imagination
  • Love
  • Spirituality
  • Positivity
  • Will Power
  • Concentration Power
  • Self Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Instinct
  • Feeling of Wholeness (Connection and Communication With The Universe and The World)

The reason why Evita’s Seasons mandala products are one of the most popular mandala designs is its design and product quality. The positive effects mandala design can have on a person using it or just gazing at it is limitless, it’s about the limitless possibilities and boundaryless journey one can just feel it and live it with personal practice only. It can be a spiritual gain that can happen, it can be a business opportunity or relationship you have been looking for a long time. It can be anything or everything you have been seeking for a long period. It can be mindfulness or peace you were looking for or mental stability to take the right decisions both in private or personal life.