November 12, 2018

Job search in Czech

Let's continue the life story of our student in the Czech Republic😃 (Is it time to come up with a name, your suggestions?)

He learned the language, confirmed the school diploma, and even graduated as a bachelor in standard three years! This is a considerable achievement, here some ones pull the strap for 6-7 years.

"I have my years are growing, what work for me is going?"

Here you find a list of portals with vacancies in the Czech Republic. Time-tested by nerves and spanless joy. Fortunately, "we are legion". The percentage of unemployment in the Czech Republic today is 2.5%. Do not believe whiners who say that there is no work in the Czech Republic. It is, just "not everything is mutual" 💞 Let's go!

Let's start with the most primitive websites (for newly arrived immigrants, students without practice, people without language skills and a long-term visa).

Warning! They are all in Russian. Sorry, mates, i was looking for job in my language :) But don't stop reading. You will get the English ones in the end.

Portal 1

Portal 2

Portal 3

Portal 4

Portal 5

And few publics in VK social site: public 1, public 2.

And now there are "advanced level" portals (in English, finally!). Don't wait for answer less than several days (weeks for pessimists). The employers answer here infrequently (when it comes to solid work). You have to show such superpowers as languages and at least some work experience.

But the companies here are not so simple: 7900 CZK (290 Euro) monthly for advertisement isn't for micro companies and dubious corporations.

Portal 1

Portal 2

Portal 3

If you are an IT specialist, a programmer or a super-manager with several languages and you are burning with a frantic desire to go far away (to Europe!).. Then I advise you to search here. There are a lot of good reviews and working happy endings among your contingent.

Vacancy announcements could be found sometimes in the real world on the doors or shop/office windows - from a modest piece of paper to a detailed poster. They are designed for talents who live nearby. Alternatively, stroll through the neighborhoods and scan ads. But do not get carried away - this method safely and long time ago was absorbed by modernization. Email resumes will be asked anyway! And this kind of work will be matching - nobody searches for the general director with a piece of paper on the door.

My little lifehack for job's search: once upon a time XEROX company actively recruited students from different countries. They trained, arranged the working visas. But demanded knowledge of English in exchange (real intermediate, not “London is the capital of Great Britain”). It seems this trend is still ongoing. Look at the portals above, there must be some vacancies there.

What can they get you? At least minimal experience in a international company with a big name. You don't be squirmed with disdain by other companies.

I personally know a university graduated person who safely went to higher positions in Loreal and Philips after student years in XEROX.

And my last little hack! Make some forces and create a good structured CV with PHOTO! You may be an asocial, modest, or “non-photo-hygienic” person, but here you should survive it. This is especially important for vacations where you are always in sight - reception desk, sales manager, etc. Everyone wants to see how you look like! CV without a photo - a guarantee of silence in response.

Here a good portal for creating a CV of the European format - everyone likes it.

Yours Evropa_inside