Integrated marketing
April 7, 2022

The case of targeting ad in the online school niche

Noosphera is an online web design school with an innovative approach and a contractual guarantee to get students to results!

What was the main objective of the project?

The customer came to us with a problem of expensive registration for their webinar, which was $4,12.

There was no teamwork between the ad specialists, designers and producers, each responsible only for their own direction.

The task was set to make the price of registration as low as $1,18.
In order to achieve this result, it was decided to take on a comprehensive marketing project.

What has been done as part of the project?

  • We developed creatives for targeting ads;
  • We developed a structure for a chatbot;
  • We created a content plan and wrote posts to be published on the Instagram account and chatbot;
  • A layout has been drawn up for the Instagram design;
  • Advertising was launched and 5 advertising audiences tested, of which 3 were found to be relevant.

What was the result?

  • Reduced the price of registration by a factor of 6;
  • The minimum price of registration was $0,36;
  • The average price of registration was $0,62;
  • 1587 people joined the chatbot of the online school;
  • ROMI was 667%.