Integrated marketing
April 7, 2022

The case of comprehensive social media promotion on Instagram in the sports club niche


The club's special features included a large number of group training sessions in various areas, a Finnish sauna, unique training equipment, as well as massages and kinesiology consultations.

The services chosen to create promotional offers were:
- a free week of group exercise classes;
- a free outdoor yoga class;
- passes for women and men as well as "children" ones;
- a free individual session with a trainer when purchasing a season pass as part of the introduction to the gym.

The main objective of the project was to generate leads at a cost of no more than $5,92, with the cost of services starting at $200.

What has been done as part of the project work?

  • We developed a sales funnel and promotion strategy;
  • We wrote the scripts for the shoot and filmed the material, which was published over the next 2 months in the client's account;
  • We drew up a content plan and visual, developed texts and generated posts with the following publication in the account;
  • We wrote a strategy for the stories to pass on to the client and for the client to manage the stories themselves;
  • We wrote offers and developed static creatives and video layouts for targeting ads in the amount of 25 pieces;
  • We developed a strategy for the quiz;
  • We developed a quiz to warm up the audience from advertising and to collect leads, which were handled by the client himself;
  • We launched targeted ads for the quiz and lead-form.

What did we get as a result?

  • The cost per lead was $3,05;
  • Also, the cost per lead was reduced by 26% compared to the previous campaigns launched;
  • Conversion to sales was 31%.