May 19, 2020

ISO 22000 Food Safety management system – Nigeria

ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria :The food-related industry may be a difficult and internationally diverse business that delivers most of the food consumed by the human population. Only farmers who survive on what they grow are often considered outside of the scope of the fashionable food industry. The industry works on a process from farming and food production, packaging and distribution, retail and catering. With food security becoming a crucial issue globally, within the African region particular, Lagos appears to possess positioned itself to play a crucial role in meeting the foremost basic needs of the region and has emerged as a serious processing and food re-exporting centre. Since food is one among the first needs of humans, the results of unsafe food are often serious.

Today food products repeatedly race boundaries which is why international standards are needed to make sure the security of the worldwide food supply chain. For safety of food management we've ISO 22000 certification in Lagos. It maps out what a corporation must demonstrate its ability to regulate food safety hazards so as to make sure that the food is safe. it'll be utilized by any organization despite its size or position within the chain of food. the target of ISO 22000 in Lagos is to manage and crop at the foremost acceptable level of any known hazards for the ultimate product which are being delivered and distributed.

Who we are?

Expert Certifier is a professional certification and consulting company offering ISO 22000 Certification services altogether major cities in Nigeria. we offer 100% success guarantee for ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria. We are an Approved Service Provider with extensive expertise and knowledge altogether International Quality Certification Standards. we might be happy to help your company within the ISO 22000 Certification process.

Expert Certifier is one among leading 22000 certification companies in Nigeria. we've been providing 22000 certification services in Nigeria for last a few years & have issued 22000 certificate to different industry segments. When it involves 22000 certification process, we always attempt to keep it simple without compromising with requirements of 22000standard. We always tell you 22000 certification steps, before accepting application for 22000certification. If any company has confusion about the way to get 22000 certification in Nigeria or the way to apply for 22000 certification in Nigeria, we always fell liberal to provide adequate information to potential clients. In past few years Expert Certifier has become preferred 22000 certification body in Nigeria. business houses also believe us for 22000 registration in Nigeria. As 22000 standards has been revised we are becoming lot of application for 22000:2018 certification in Nigeria (This process is named transition of ISO certificates). Expert Certifier is additionally a primary choice of 22000 consultants in Nigeria, they recommend our name to their clients for ISO certification in Nigeria. Food safety management system has become a compulsory requirement for each food business, Expert Certifier may be a leading provider of food safety

Our Approach to get ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria:

If you're thinking, the way to get ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria then you're in safe hands. we offer one among the best exhaustive suites of ISO 22000 Certification consulting services to assist the businesses plan, design, implement, monitor, control, improve and enhance their ISO 22000 Certification management system. Our ISO 22000 consultants are known for being well knowledged, innovative, simple and practical leads to an implementation process that ensures value for the business operations of the organization.

We follow a well-defined approach for all certification requirements. We value time and understand how important it's for you to realize certification in pace . We believe Total Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight. We are always willing to travel an additional mile to stay our clients happy.

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Why ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria?

  1. Implementation Safety Management System: Food Safety Certification in Nigeria is extremely critical. Because It directly affects the health and safety of the human species. ISO 22000 Consultant Services in Ibadan can ensure safety Management. Everything cannot e viewed during a modern business perspective. So every organization involved in any aspects of food required an efficient Food Safety Management System in Nigeria. ISO 22000 certification audit in Lagos will lead a path, Planning, Implementing, Operating, Controlling and Maintaining ISO 22000, a corporation can establish a sound food safety management system.
  2. Compliance: ISO 22000 Consultant in Kano, has said safety is critical, regulatory and statutory bodies are very stringent when it involves organizations involved within the activities of the organic phenomenon . ISO 22000 Consulting services in Benin city will get immunity from legal obligations. Unsafe food shouldn't reach the endpoint that's human consumption. Any Hazards or unsafe recorded will subject to legal obligations and penalties become times. ISO 22000 helps in getting immunity from all the legal obligations.
  3. Social responsibilities: FSMS Certification in Nigeria is that the highest priority of human needs and it should reach human needs as a really good manner. Social responsibility are often showcased with FSMS certification audit in Nigeria, Organizations involved in organic phenomenon business bears the very best sort of social responsibilities delivering the safe foodstuff within the well being. ISO 22000 Certification in Lagos helps the organization in delivering the safe products and showcasing it’s concern towards the health and safety of the well being of humans.
  4. Customer Confidence: ISO 22000 templates in Nigeria again it’s basic human instinct that the ideology of consumption of safe food is extremely important. ISO 22000 audit services in Lagos will step up customer confidence. ISO 22000 standard allows the organization to demonstrate its food safety to the customer and this is often how winning the purchasers confidence. This allow us to fetch more profit and also at an equivalent time maintaining the sanity of the organization by delivering safe products of food.
  5. Awareness: ISO 22000 in Benin not only helps organizations in establishing food safety but also communicating an equivalent with its team members, interested parties, employees, suppliers, vendors and every one other interested parties in order that food supplied is safe till endpoints of consumers consumption. ISO 22000 Certification cost in Nigeria will help in providing awareness about food safety.
  6. Achieve the objective: ISO 22000 Certification Services in Calabar, Any organizations involved within the activates of food sectors will have a policy in situ splits into objectives to realize the food safety system within the organization. ISO Certification Consultants in Nigeria will help your company to urge certified. But Engagement of Top management, employees, interested parties is extremely important to realize the defined policy and objectives. ISO 22000 helps to realize the objectives by defining the roles and responsibilities of the individuals of the organizations.

These are core reasons to seem for ISO 22000 implementation in Nigeria. But it also important being informed that it are often achieved only by proper implementation and maintenance of the quality . a corporation are able to do cultural improvement by following this approach.

How to get ISO 22000 certification in Nigeria– Consultants in Nigeria?

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