September 30, 2019

Industrial Paint Booth Market Covering Trends, Market Share and Forecast to 2027

Convenience Remains Highly Valued by End-users, Fosters Popularity of Portable Paint Booth

Operational efficiency with convenience remains one of the key requirements across various industrial spaces. Mobile or portable industrial paint booth has been gaining considerable momentum in the industrial paint booth market space, owing to the height of convenience offered. Several end-user industries have been preferring mobile industrial paint booth for reinvigorating their capacity and productivity quo in case of painting operations.

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This trend has, in turn, translated into a massive influx of portable industry paint booth products featuring ingenious convergences of technological aspects with innovative designs. Moreover, mobile industrial paint booth is also being widely sought-after as it facilitates the scheduling of maximum number of paint jobs in a day, which boosts the overall operational efficiency of an end use industry.

Custom Paint Booths- Manufacturers’ Key to Achieve Long-term Customer Loyalty

Evolving preferences of various end-users for an efficient industrial paint booth accommodating their production needs and requirements is becoming increasingly common. Accordingly, the manufacturers of industrial paint booth are also vying to craft a wide range of effective products meeting the logistical considerations of various end use industries.

Manufacturers, apart from offering custom paint booths to meet space constraints, are also offering additional customizable options including bi-fold or tri-fold spray booth doors, additional lighting, drive-thru doors, air make-up units, and many more. With end-user retention being influenced by innovation and performance, key companies such as spray systems and are designing industrial paint booth products designed as per specific end-user needs. Moreover, manufacturers of industrial paint booth are also providing post-sale maintenance services in a bid to upgrade brand reliability and user experience.

Paint Booth Ventilation- an Aspect Overseen by State and Federal Guidelines

While paint spray seems like an innocuous task, it entails exposure to harmful chemicals having adverse impacts. The need to ensure employee safety and prevent hazardous fire accidents are further encouraging strict norms for supervision of optimal air flow in case of an industrial paint booth.

Guidelines by prominent authorities, such as Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), have been playing a pivotal role in setting up compliant paint booth ventilation infrastructures across various industries. Manufacturers, on the other hand, are vying to optimize paint booth ventilation by overseeing the incorporation of fans, filters, and designs.

Paint Booth Proliferates as an Imperative Investment for Auto Body Shops

Paint booths have been gaining incessant popularity across auto body shops in a bid to ensure enhanced productivity and process streamlining. A paint booth ensures minimum energy consumption, fast-paced processing, and optimal performance, which makes it seem as a viable and much-needed investment for multiple auto body shops.

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Auto body shops are increasingly preferring paint booths crafted with meticulous attention to detail, both structural as well as technological, to maximize floor space utilization with significant cost savings. Multiple auto body shops are incorporating the idea of paint booth on account of attributes such as trouble-free installation and expeditious operation, which helps them maximum profitability.

Downdraft Paint Booth Exhibits Meteoric Growth, Adoption Pushed by Clamor for High-quality Finishes

Installation of paint booth amid industrial manufacturing facilities remains governed by multiple considerations. With high-quality finish being a primary consideration, downdraft industrial paint booth is witnessing fast-paced expansion at a stellar CAGR of 3.4% by 2018-end. Airflow in a downdraft industrial paint booth forces excess paint toward the floor and away from the part that creates an optimal finish, making it an ideal preference for high-quality paint jobs.

Moreover, inconvenience associated with buffing and corrections in case of a downdraft industrial paint booth is minimum, which is one of its key USPs restoring the end-user confidence.

Industrial Paint Booth Market- Competitive Landscape

The report on industrial paint booth market offers a comprehensive analysis of the profiles of all leading market players. The report on industrial paint booth market incorporates a dashboard view of industrial paint booth market players with details of their recent product innovations in the industrial paint booth market. Global expansion remains the key focal point of all the aspiring players in the industrial paint booth market, resulting in partnerships with OEMs, mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations.

Accudraft (SAIMA of North America Inc.), a leading player in the industrial paint booth market, entered into a strategic partnership with Spartan RV & Marine in Northeast Georgia, in 2017, for business expansion and improvement.

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), a key player in the industrial paint booth market, expands its aftermarket service and support capabilities. This strategic move is to offer exceptional service and extended support to customers and distribution partners.

Industrial Paint Booth Market - Definition

Industrial paint booth refers to an enclosure utilized for multi-purpose spray painting and coating applications. Industrial paint booth comes in different sizes and specifications, some of the common types include crane slots, dust-proof light kits, interlocks with spray painting equipment, and doors or strip curtain.

Industrial Paint Booth Market - About the Report

The report on industrial paint booth market offers a deep dive into the market roadmap of industrial paint booth market for the forecast period of 2018 to 2027. A comprehensive and diligent assessment of the industrial paint booth market along with a detailed segmental analysis remains the key attraction of the industrial paint booth market report, which includes influencing dynamics such as opportunities, trends, drivers, and restraints impacting growth of industrial paint booth market.

Industrial Paint Booth Market Structure

The industrial paint booth market has been segmented on the basis of region, product type, and end-user. By product type, the industrial paint booth market has been classified as crossdraft paint booths, semi downdraft paint booths, side draft paint booths, downdraft paint booths, open face paint booths, and bench paint booths.

By end-user, the industrial paint booth market has been classified as automotive, industrial, aerospace, construction and agriculture, and others (Marine, Railways, etc.). The industrial paint booth market has been gauged across key regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, APEJ, and MEA.

Industrial Paint Booth Market- Additional Questions Answered

The report on industrial paint booth market also offers detailed answers to some of the important questions apropos of industrial paint booth market, which have not been answered above. Few of the questions are-

  • Which region is offering maximum investment opportunities for the players of industrial paint booth market during the forecast timespan?
  • What are the volume projections of industrial paint booth market by 2018- end?
  • What are the major challenges faced by the aspiring players in the industrial paint booth market, from an expansion standpoint?
  • Which is the most promising end-user in the industrial paint booth market with impressive growth aspects?
  • What are the various trends pervasive in the market space and having deep-rooted influences on growth of industrial paint booth market?

Industrial Paint Booth Market - Research Methodology

An effective and tested research methodology forms the foundation of compelling insights and forecast presented in the industrial paint booth market report. The report leverages data procured from exhaustive secondary research and comprehensive primary interview, which are instrumental in gaining credible information on industrial paint booth market.

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Insights obtained from the primary research phase have been utilized to validate data acquired from the secondary research phase. The report also stands out as an authentic source for intelligence on industrial paint booth market, enabling readers to make viable business expansion decisions to establish a global footprint in the industrial paint booth market.

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