February 5, 2020

Disposable Cutlery Market Growth Forecast, Demand, Future Outlook and Company Profiles

The disposable cutlery market is anticipated to continue its growth on account of the growing on-the-go consumers, coupled with the burgeoning consumer awareness about the consequential health impact associated with plastic usage. In terms of revenue, Fact.MR study on global disposable cutlery market envisaged that disposable cutlery market will accelerate at 4.7% CAGR during the study period (2018-2028), on the back of the myriad factors provided in the disposable cutlery market report.

Fact.MR report on disposable cutlery market opines that disposable cutlery is likely to witness wide sales owing to the paradigm transition in consumer preference for low cost, grab-and-go, and easy-to-carry food packaging options. Further, the disposable cutlery market report perceives that it isn’t feasible for brand owners and manufacturers to offer completely biodegradable plastic-based disposable cutlery. Additionally, the disposable cutlery market will also witness traction on the back of disposable cutlery’s functional attributes, including lightweight, cost-effectiveness, and convenient features, which are expected to create opportunities for manufacturers to tap.

The rapidly growing takeaway trend has prompted beverages and food chains to alter their delivery ways to cater to consumers’ shifting preference, thereby proving key sales prospects for disposable cutlery manufacturers. Changing lifestyle and increasing demand for online food delivery services are also causing a substantial rise in the adoption of disposable cutlery for food packaging.

The lucrative opportunities created by ‘away from home’ food consumption are gradually accelerating, leading to the growth in sales of disposable cutlery used for serving food. The on-the-move food consumption consumer patterns have been significantly influenced by the fast-paced lifestyle in recent years. According to a study, an average urban-area resident in America eats outside roughly 14 times in a month, which in turn is translating into a surge in the demand for disposable cutlery. Additional, an independent survey conducted in China found that the country’s online food sector is likely to grow by 30% in the forthcoming years, thereby paving way for higher sales of disposable cutlery, while positively impacting the growth of global disposable cutlery market.

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As consumers increasingly become aware about the potential health impact of using plastic-based products, such as disposable cutlery, manufacturers are focusing on creating green and edible disposable cutlery made of sorghum, corn, wheat bran, and rice, while reducing CO2 emissions considerably. The consumers’ willingness to spend more on green products has further triggered the production and demand for wood made disposable cutlery. Wood made disposable cutlery is witnessing demand in disposable cutlery market due to environmental issues pertaining to the disposal of plastic disposable cutlery. Disposable cutlery manufacturers are targeting single-person households who are mostly relying on on-the-go food items.

Geographically, as per the report, global disposable cutlery market is likely to witness an elevated level of consumer preference and popularity mainly in the regions, including Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and North America. Disposable cutlery manufacturers are eyeing the brimming potential growth opportunities offered by Asia Pacific disposable cutlery market, which is accelerating as consumers’ sense the hygiene value of disposable cutlery over traditionally used metal cutlery. The plethora of food hubs, instant delivery restaurants, in tandem with growth in enhanced public infrastructure are some other factors which are likely add to the growing disposable cutlery traction in Asia Pacific during the foreseeable period. The region is also expected to lead disposable cutlery market growth, undergird by substantial increase in disposable income of the middle class.

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