About me

Hi, my name is Faina Kazakova. I'm 35 years old. I Am an English-speaking copywriter from the IT field,and video blogger. I help foreign and Russian businesses to increase the efficiency of the texts and advise on content strategies. Copywriters have to read a lot to constantly replenish their vocabulary. Since I am always writing in English. 

After analyzing the Amount of stations Specializing in novel inspection, I decided to get my own personal content. I take it too completely. It can take around 10-12 hours to prepare a script. It takes 2-3 hours. Editing - 5-7 hours. So it is too tricky to release videos more than once every two weeks. Finding the time is becoming harder and tougher. The more books I read, the more exciting they are to want to chat about. At precisely the exact same time, the more you speak about books in precisely the same format, the further they get used to you and the less they react to videos. Hence that the motivation to take loses more time, too. I edit movies for YouTube with https://www.movavi.com/ software. The first thing I liked about it was the cost. Unlike other foreign video editors, the complete version of Movavi isn't pricey, and the more so, it is likely to use the non-complete version absolutely free of charge. And in general the editor is extremely great. Nice interface, Russian vocabulary and easy to use.

 I try not to neglect my loved ones and spend more time with my husband, particularly traveling. Then you have to learn during your expertise to spend less and have more. It's natural and that's what I rely on. For me, unloading is about travel. Dealing with a view of the Stalinka, or functioning with a view of these hills is a huge difference. I like to travel on trains where there is no web and you can just look out the window. Yoga and meditation also assist. I have this rule lately of not taking my phone out of my pocket to get a minimum of two hours every day. I try to pay attention to offline, real existence has come to be a luxury for me recently.