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November 11, 2018

Fairmonitor Digest

Hello again!

Quite a long time, we have not seen. Many of our readers noticed that autumn 2018 was not the most productive on the appearance of TOP projects and many even claim that autumn 2018 is one of the most scandalous in the industry lately. But we, HYIP-optimists, resistant to failures and strong in spirit, because ahead of us there is more than one season of excitement and profit! And even in a barrel, tar doesn't go without a spoon of honey, you can always find decent projects in the open spaces of the network and here are some of them:


loany24.com - very interesting project, with a legend about issuing loans, on bail cryptocurrency. As practice shows, quite often projects with a similar legend work out well. For the investor, there is a proposal that can be classified as low-income, with a minimum rate of 0.7% per day for 365 days and the included body of the deposit in payments. The site is excellent and moreover, everything seems to hint that the admin has come for a long time and is not interested play small things. Virtually no advertising company, mainly promotion comes from word of mouth and through “without listing” bloggers, so, for example, the project is decorated in the blog of our partners with an excellent offer of refback. It is very interesting to observe the development of the project, how the admin will promote and improve it, and he certainly has the potential!


sonatabit.com - we have already written about it in previous reviews, but why not great projects to remember one more time! Medium-profit project of excellent quality, with a deposit included in the payment. According to rumors from the network, everything is managed here by a fairly experienced admin, who may well give a good profit to his investors. The original design of the site, immediately puts everything in its place, fewer words - more work. An excellent set of payment systems, a multilevel, not overstated affiliate program, moderate marketing, may well give a project a chance for a long life, we believe that it will be so and the admin will allow more than one circle to go through, in any case, don't forget to reduce the risks by ordering refback and approaching thereby hour for return on investment.


wallie.me - The project is a novelty of its kind, one of the first projects on monitoring carried out using the technology of smart contracts. If to be brief without going into the technical details of the technology, then the principle of its work is already quite well described in the project: "My principle of operation is extremely simple. As soon as the address of my smart contract comes to ethereum means - I distribute them according to the scheme given when writing it." As you can already guess from the description, the project accepts investments in Ethereum cryptocurrency with a daily payment of 1.44% on a lifetime basis. A lot of investors are skeptical of such projects, because their predecessors showed a very weak result. But we must pay tribute to the admin, the site is excellent and the entire system of distribution of funds in the project has the right to life, besides the admin is not in a hurry with advertising and constantly improving his brainchild, and this is worthy, at least of our closer look. We liked the project, and we advise you to look at it!


ellaos.com - a fairly well-prepared middle-income project on a self-written script. Once on the project site, everything becomes intuitively clear what, where and for what. Having dug deeper, the site also does not cause any complaints, viable, middle-income marketing, a two-level ref system of 5-1% from partners' deposits, as if hinting that the project has come for a long time, besides, the admin has screwed Bounty, what is it you can read on the site project. HYIP leaves a clear sense of deja vu with one of the projects not so long ago gone into another world and left their investors "with the nose" instead of profit. We do not undertake to say who is the admin, but in any case, to diversify our portfolio, we should consider the project, besides, it is clear that the admin is trying, almost daily, new things are being released on the site, new languages are being added, For those who want to play in the project, we offer a high refback.

FairMonitor news

If you are bored with the autumn fading outside the window and you want something bright and positive, take a look at fairmonitor.com, here always waiting you are various contests and promotions, fun and easy communication and of course the opportunity to get a good profit! Communicate in chat and social networks, ask questions to users, support, share your experience and knowledge, because the fairmonitor service for this and created for the benefit of its users! Also, our monitor is not left without interesting projects, in the Exclusive section on monitoring were added: TRUEMINE, INCOME ACCESS, MIZES, The premium section has been replenished with projects: ALPHA FAST, ACTIVITYBIT. There is always a choice of projects on monitoring, many of them will appeal to investors!


Unfortunately, scam is the final stop of each project, no matter how much marketing is calculated, no matter what administrator, the result is always one, you need to remember this and be able to correctly analyze projects and calculate your financial capabilities!

Bitunion - lived 486 days. Worthy result, taking into account a few multiple design changes and pretty short marketing in "partisan" mode. The admin worked well, the game turned out to be interesting, We would like to see more worthy projects from this admin.
Ocean 3 - lived 33 days. Those who came at the start, got a small profit, and if you still take into account refback, then in general it turned out well, with such marketing rarely projects live and so much, but the circle is counted, a bit of course, but it's also difficult to name the admin quickly-scamer.
NETTA CHAIN - lived 82 days. Passed a few laps, a good enough job, of course not the top, but the admin tried and it was visible.
CRYPTO SECRET - lived 23 days. For a fast project, it’s just an excellent result; it’s likely that the scam became tricky and the project simply couldn’t mathematically exist any longer.
TRADE LIMITED - lived 407 days. As they sometimes say: "Leaving-go." This is a song about the admin, who has more than once been in the problem section and scams. Of course, after such events it is very difficult to reanimate the project and investors walked with difficulty after such events. Although it is necessary to pay tribute to the admin, despite all the hardships continue to pull project so much time. The project worked well, gave a great profit and for that the admin thanks!
GRANT EPOS - lived 463 days. Here is the rightly named TOP project, TOP admin! Yes, of course, it’s a shame that a scam project, but so much time to work through, having passed an incredible number of circles and having shown an excellent result, the administrator must be a real pro.

So, we reviewed the main events in the life of monitoring and the industry as a whole, but of course we cannot be everywhere and know everything, so if you are interested in any questions related to HYIP and you would like to see their review in our digest or vice versa would like to share interesting topics and your experience, you can send your suggestions to us by mail mgfairmonitor@gmail.com or in PM in telegram @Fairsupport

This is where our digest is complete! See ya!

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