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October 25, 2018

Fairmonitor Digest

Всем привет, дорогие друзья.

We are with you again, the Fairmonitor.com team and our permanent heading “Fairmonitor Digest”.

Almost two months of golden autumn passed imperceptibly, and today we can already sum up the results of October. What do you say here, somewhere found, somewhere lost, but, in general, it is possible to positively assess this season, since many interesting and, most importantly, profitable investment funds were added to the monitor. So let's start with them.

Netta Chain

Netta Chain – high-quality and promising project, which by its very appearance, as it were, speaks “to me”. Tariffs are selected for those who like to make a profit every day, and for those who are ready to wait and get more on after planes. For daily accruals, profits can be 4.7% - 5.2% and for after plans 112% are provided in 7 days and 150% in 20 days.

Payments in Netta Chain are manual, and you can invest both in dollars and in cryptocurrency.

Ocean Three

Ocean Three – one more "miracle" of our monitor. To say that the project is beautiful as the flowering of sakura means to say nothing. Design, texts functional - everything is up to par. In addition, the admin chose the burning topic of cleaning the world ocean from plastic waste, thereby making investing in Ocean Three not only profitable, but also noble.

For marketing, we have a starting 3% profit per day on a life-long basis with the potential to increase payments up to 20% for attracting new investors to the project.

We think there are no comments here.

Net Energy

Net Energy - not yet recognized by the community, but a very high quality and promising project. In addition, he has been working for more than 460 days. The administration is not in a hurry to enter the active phase, and does not buy up everything (we are talking about advertising). Net Energy Legend - the development of green energy worldwide, for which they are ready to pay their investors from 4.2% to 6% profit per day for 30 days or return 110% - 150% of the deposit in 10 - 20 days.

Who passed by this fund, we recommend to return to the site of Net Energy and once again carefully examine it.


Wallie – The first project on our HIPP monitor based on a smart contract. Have you heard of such funds? In such projects, the entire investment cycle occurs inside the smart contract and will exclude the possibility for the administrator to leave the cashier at sunset. One "but" - it is necessary that the smart contract is audited! Wallie did it and now allows its investors to get 1.44% profit every 24 hours on an unlimited basis.

Sonata Bit

Sonata Bit – in spite of the location in the Premium Listing, it seems to us particularly promising, as the top admin is driving it. We think you already know who this is about, and rub your pockets in anticipation of profit, and here it can be 2.3% - 3% per day for 45 - 70 days.

The project also captivates with its excellent design, green bar and thoughtful functionality. He has all the chances of getting into the top paid projects of our monitor.

We turn to the rest of the newcomers.

Since that time, Fairmonitor.com has replenished with such projects:

· Invest Broker and Manoco were added to VIP Listing;

· For Exclusive, Forex City, Perfect Two, Cavallium Global and Crypto Control and Trade Crypto;

· Premium accommodates Crypto Secret and Bet Coin.

Not so much, for quality, profitable and interesting.

And now we offer some investors to feel sad, and to some to breathe with relief with the words “it’s good that I didn’t go.”

Let's talk about the scams...

Green Profit - the most disgraceful of them. The admin simply collected cash and left in English literally one day. Well, do they do that? Why such work? And then they complain that no one goes to fast food.

Digital Finance - right here guys, you can applaud while standing. He worked the project for 35 days, giving during this time the opportunity for an ordinary investor to carry out from 90% to 120% of the profit. The “end of the game” also deserves respect - the admin himself honestly said that the SCAM project did not go to dobro. As the youth says, “Respect and respect”.

Bitcoin Kings - the expected end taking into account the fact that the admin immediately spoiled his reputation by promising to return the deposit at any time, and then decided that he was the master of his word (he wanted to take, he wanted to take it away) and canceled this important function. As a result, large deposits that came from the start were stuck in the project, but people were afraid to throw new cutlets. We have what we have - worked for less than a month.

Binom Corp is, in principle, a decent job, like in almost all projects of this administration. They worked for almost four months and made it possible for literate investors to make a profit. Those who greed and bought for sweet songs, about the tariff plan "Season", unfortunately, remained "with the nose."

Redminer is another shame! He worked for 2 days and went to SCAM. Well, is it really impossible to create a reserve of funds, a safety cushion during drawdowns? Why did the admin go to the market? Judging by the dynamics of deposits, it was enough for him only to beat off the site and the chocolate bar. And, very small. I should be ashamed, comrade!

Resellcar - worked poorly, but lovers of cunning, still managed to pass 1 small circle (10 days) and quickly run away with a profit. It is difficult to evaluate the work of this admin, but there is clearly no good smell here.

Here on this note, dear ladies and gentlemen, let me leave before the next digest.

The Fairmonitor.com team wishes you only profit and pleasant sensations from investing in Hyip projects.

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