December 4, 2020

Due to quality and durability hardwood flooring

Due to quality and durability hardwood flooring, require regular maintenance, care and refining to increase its lifetime. One can do this through many available ways. desktop water dispenser However, it is most important that you know that what the best procedure is to clean your floor.

There are many mistakes, which mostly people do during cleaning of floor it, can damage your floor, which will reduce lifetime of your flooring, so you avoid from all these mistakes.To begin cleaning of hardwood flooring you must have knowledge about its finish.If you has installed floor on your own or any contractor have installed it they know very well that which kind of finish is this. As most of the flooring of hardwood come in two different types, first type of finish is prefinished and second is type is unfinished.

First type of flooring which is prefinished is commonly sealed with surface, which protects it from moisture and dirt. Any kind of dirt and moisture can damage the surface of flooring. To clean this kind of flooring make sure you are not using any kind of wax or oil based product or cleaner.

This type of flooring is water resistance therefore best way to clean it is by water, sweeping or vacuuming. You can also use water and soap solution for the cleaning purpose of this flooring. You make simple solution of water and soap through this simple method.• Take 1.25 cup of soap, which you use, in home for dishwashing.• Take a bucket, which should be full with water.• Soap, water, and boil them even whole soap dissolve in water.• Solution for the cleaning purpose is ready.Now with the help of this solution clean prefinished flooring with a mop.

Make sure that mop is not fully wet, you wire out all solution of water and soap from mop so that it look just damp not wet.A large number of people think that solution of vinegar and water is better then water and sop solution for the cleaning of hardwood flooring. It is true to some extend that cleaning through this solution will make your floor shining but its consequences are worst because acidic nature of vinegar can damage your flooring and its finish.Second type of hardwood floor, which is unfinished hardwood floor, requires more care for cleaning and maintenance purpose.

These floors become seal tight and finished at the time of installation. This kind is prone to water and moisture, so avoid using of water borne solution for the cleaning of this flooring.You can see that on this kind of flooring a layer of wax build up which is dangerous for floor as well as it look dull. To maintain original shine of the floor use a strip through which you can remove old buildup of wax. You also make sure that you ask hardwood manufacturer that he recommend you any commercial product, which you can use for this purpose.