Rules of life in a home with air conditioning: advice from the master

Have you checked the filter?
In California, air conditioning is a vital item. According to statistics, an ordinary resident spends 12 hours a day at home, that is, half his life. Therefore, saving on an air conditioner is just as stupid as, for example, on a mattress or pillow. All these things are the guarantee of a healthy and happy life. The ideal owner should know: the air conditioner needs regular preventive maintenance, which should be carried out twice a year - before the start of the heating season, when you turn on the “heat” (heater), and before the start of the summer season, when you plan to turn on the home cooling system. But the ideal owners exist only in the cinema, books and manuals for air conditioners. Therefore, we asked master to describe the main signs of an air conditioner, which needs help.

Air conditioning is a complex system, but things worth paying attention to are very simple. A perfectly working air conditioner, which has a clean filter, does not leak freon, pressure is normal, there are no cracks, it will cool the room by 3-5 degrees per hour. If the air conditioner is idling and the temperature does not drop - this is one of the signs that something is wrong with it. Another sign is electricity bills. If they have become larger than usual summer bills, this may also indicate that the air conditioner does not work as intended by the manufacturer. In this situation AC requires service from professional masters like airstarheating.

Caring for the air conditioner is not only the work of the master, but also the owner of the house. Replacing a filter, for example, is something you should do regularly and you can do it yourself.

Of course, there are a lot of filters sold today, it’s difficult to get used to understanding which is better and how to change it at all.

Here you can call the master to show, taught, and then - regularly change the filters yourself.

I do not recommend buying the cheapest one, it has a shorter life and the quality is worse, in the end you may regret that you wanted to save. But there is no need to take the most expensive one, in the middle price category you can find options that are right for your home, taking into account the area, frequency of work and other nuances.

We recommend that you forget about the option “do not change the filter at all until it starts to smell”! When it smells of dust from the air conditioner, this is a completely neglected case. Can you imagine how long you inhaled invisible dirt ?!