November 2, 2020

9 Benefits of Automatic Bifold Door Design


Automatic bifold doors are extremely convenient because they give you the same benefits as a traditional double-swing automatic door minus the usual hurdles. If you would like to install an automatic bifold door in your home, consider the factors below. Find Bifold windows at WDMA online store. There are differnet sizes and styles are available.


Traditional double-swing doors can take up more space than what you have bargained for. The usual hurdles include how much space their tracks take up once they are installed in your driveway, and how inflexible their construction could be especially if their range cuts across home gardens. Automatic bifold doors, on the other hand, take up less space. Most of the newer designs now are trackless, eliminating any need for changes in your driveway for them to be operable.

Faster Operation Time

Because of their structure, automatic bifold door designs operate faster than their predecessors. They fold more so they can be opened at a shorter time. If you need your doors closed faster, this is possible too because of the same reason. Overall, this speed also makes it more secure as an automatic door option.

Trackless System

The trackless system of automatic bifold doors is very attractive. This is because no digging or alteration is needed when you install these automatic doors. They also don’t have to worry about cleaning out the tracks especially during the fall or winter. Automatic doors become inoperable when their tracks are clogged or dirty.

Easier Installation

To replace the on-the-ground tracks of older automatic doors, an overhead mechanism is usually installed over automatic bifold doors. This is easier to install as it is already part of the door compared to tracks that still need to be cemented and established on your driveways.

Non-intrusive Design

As it is space-saving and no tracks are required for most automatic bifold door designs, it is fast becoming a favorite among homeowners. The bifold structure offers more joints so there is more flexibility of movement while your door is opening and closing. This lets you enjoy the same protection and convenience of older automatic doors without making you alter the design of your home too much.


When your automatic bifold doors malfunction, it will probably be because of old age or mishandling. Most of the designs now are extremely weather-proof, and the trackless designs make for smooth operations even during the fall or winter.

Offers Security

As the design of an automatic bifold door allows it to open and close faster than a traditional double swing door, it is more secure in general. This lets you avoid letting in intruders. You can also remotely access the doors that leave you more protected against malicious characters.

Offers Convenience

If you are alone or if it is raining outside, you won’t have to manually open and close your doors just to drive in or let someone into your driveway. To make it even more secure and convenient, it’s best to pair your automatic bifold doors with security cameras and a trusty alarm system.

Near-silent Operation

If you live in a townhouse, you might have problems with your neighbors if your automatic doors are noisy. Thankfully, because automatic bifold doors are designed to properly distribute weight, they can function in a near-silent manner. You don’t have to worry about having to deal with complaints about noise from the neighbors. For more information visit: