June 9, 2021

Why should I choose a fiber laser ? | Industrial Requirement of Fiber laser cutting machine | Best Manufacturer

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at Supercut India, as potential clients want to know what benefits they will get from investing on other Ledger models in the market. And you will know about Industrial Requirement of Fiber laser cutting machine.

A gas laser is the most commonly used laser, but that is because it is the oldest type. A fiber laser, on the other hand, is the latest type of laser to grace the construction & manufacturing world. At Supercut Welding Industries, we manufacture and sell fiber lasers cutting machine because there are far more benefits for us than any other type of laser.

They offer a high level of efficiency, speed and power, are free of maintenance (thanks to fit and forget technology) and cost dramatically less than alternatives. They can also cut reflective materials, which are often used in many industries, without any harmful back reflection (using our patented back technology). Finally, they give the user complete control in terms of beam length, duration, intensity and heat output.

If we just focus on Industrial Requirement of Fiber laser cutting machine see below-

Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the diverse laser solutions that is highly preferred by many industries.

Fiber laser cutting is majorly used in heavy manufacturing industries. But today it is also used by designers, artists and many others. Textile industry, Steel industry, automobile industry, leather industry, architecture, pharmaceutical industry, furniture industry are some of the notable industries. Fiber laser cutting machine can work on both metal and non-metal.

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Laser cutting is often used in the automobile industry. Many components and parts created through 2D and 3D sheet metal cutting that are entirely dependent on fiber laser cutting for rapid production with sufficient accuracy and perfection. Storage, the micro-SD cards we use today, circuit boards, the production of all of these are directly related to fiber laser cutting.

The use of fiber laser cutting in the pharmaceutical industry may seem strange. But yes, fiber laser cutting is also behind the production of parts of equipment and machinery used in pharmaceuticals.

Not only in making tools and equipment, laser cutting can also produce amazing and intricate designs with ample detail, precise and smooth finishes, for which it is widely used in the textile, leather and jewellery industries. Trendy garments, stylish accessories, decorative and fancy items, jewellery everything can be produced through the efficient execution of fiber laser cutting work. Thus it has a major use in the furniture industry as well.

It is also used in plastics processing industries. Fiber laser cutting has the ability to work on every kind of plastic material from polyester to polycarbonate to polypropylene and also to direct heat through helpful pin point accuracy to provide smooth, clean edges to the final products is efficient. The plastics industry has a heavy use of fiber laser cutting.

Which industries can fiber lasers be used in ?

Thanks to the wide range of benefits & advantages listed above, these lasers can naturally be used in many industries due to their ability to work with many different materials. We will tell you about this and have covered this in more detail below.

With regard to industries, the primary industries we serve are see below:-

Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Batteries, Dental, Medical, Jewellery, Scientific, Printing, Semi-Conductors and Sensors Solar.

They are great at working with many & huge variety of materials. Below are just some of these many materials like Various metals, including copper, steel, iron, aluminium, nickel, Silicon and brass and more Gemstones (including diamonds), Polymers, Plastics, Ceramics and many more.

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