5 Questions You Must Ask Your Potential Wedding Planner

Considering the big affair that Indian weddings are these days, it has become mandatory to hire a planner and event manager who can look after all the arrangements of your special day. With a credible planner to tackle all the tasks, you can not only enjoy all the ceremonies better but also give it an extravagant look. However, amidst a myriad of wedding planning companies in India, choosing the one is not so easy. There are several things that you need to think of. But you don’t have to worry as we have listed 5 questions that will help you select the best professional for your big day:

Ques. 1: How many wedding have you planned before?

It is your wedding, the most special day of your life. Of course, you cannot trust a novice with the responsibility to plan your wedding. There are a lot of factors that a planner has to take care of, including venue, food, guests, decorations, vendors, and the list goes on. You need an experienced person who knows his job and understands all the aspects and can handle unanticipated problems smoothly. Therefore, before you select a wedding planner in India for your D-day, it is better to know about the projects he has worked on.

Ques. 2: What are the packages that I must consider?

Before you hire a planner for your wedding, it is important to know how much you can spend. According to the budget, you can discuss the services that you can avail. Of course, you don’t need to divide the amount into different areas but an overall estimate is important. You can be clear about the budget with the planner and he can tell you different packages that you can opt for in that budget. You can also go for customization if there is an option to do so.

Ques. 3: What are the themes that you can work on?

Nowadays, theme weddings are gaining immense popularity. Every couple picks a theme and colour combinations that they want for different ceremonies and even wear clothes according to it. You must also have a theme in your mind and it is important to know if the planner that you are hiring is efficient enough to visualize your idea. Ask him about the projects that he has handled and how were they different from each other. What unique element he added that made it stand out from other weddings.

Ques. 4: Can I look at your company’s portfolio?

You cannot take his words and hire him for your wedding. There is no scope for any risk and to make sure that he is capable to handle your wedding and do the task successfully, you must have a look at his previous work. Ask for the portfolio and clients’ name and the most expensive or unique wedding that he has planned. If you want to hire a reliable and trusted wedding planner in India, then this question is significant to ask before you take the final decision.

Ques. 5: How many members are there in your team?

One person cannot handle a project as big as a wedding, especially when you are planning it on a large scale. There has to be a team where every person has a responsibility for one area and knows his job. A team ensures that there will be no confusion and you can enjoy your wedding without any worries. So, go for the wedding planning companies in India which have a proficient team and expertise in the field.

These points will surely help you select a perfect wedding planner. Remember to trust your guts and go for the one who you really believe is ideal for your dream wedding.

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