January 4, 2021

Why Choose Self-Loading Concrete Mixer which can produce Certifiable Concrete

As the population increases in Vietnam and the cities expand; sustainable construction and engineering is right at the heart of Vietnam’s growth. Fiori Asia Pacific is therefore at the forefront of the booming trend through the provision of construction equipment and solutions that are designed to perform in a wide array of terrains and conditions. Fiori Self-Loading Concrete Mixers have greatly helped with reshaping urban landscapes and enhancing road networks and building constructions across the country.

Fiori through its range of construction equipment has demonstrated unmatched expertise when it comes to designing equipment that deliver in terms of mixing efficiency and productivity. The revolutionary construction equipment is what Vietnam needs if the country is to pave the way for a prosperous and sustainable future. The efficiency of the Self-Loading Concrete Mixer that you settle for has the potential of affecting the process of construction or building project. Working with quality equipment from reputable organizations such as FIORI GROUP is therefore critical.

Here are some of the Self-Loading Concrete Mixers that are perfect for use in Vietnam;

Firoi DB X50

This is one of the most economical Self Loading Concrete Mixer that’s designed with the largest capacity concrete mixer and frontal loading like no other. This Self-Loading Concrete Mixer is well equipped with great features that guarantees a maximum yield of 5.0 cubic meter of certifiable concrete in every batch consistently. The drum is uniquely positioned and has specially designed loading arms that allows for enhanced visibility during loading and unloading process.

The innovative clamshell bucket is another innovative feature that maximizes loading efficiency and in turn minimizes batching time. It therefore becomes possible to attain a daily concrete productivity of up to 120–130 cubic meter of concrete. When Fiori DB X50 is fitted with the CBV 2.0 which is the exclusive computerized batch controller system; it then becomes possible to attain production of certified quality concrete in the job site itself.

Some of the outstanding features of Fiori DB X50 in terms of performance and handling include the equipment’s low center of gravity that helps in ensuring that it has unparalleled stability and agility. The hydrostatic transmissions allow for easy and efficient movement.

Fiori DB 460

If you’re looking for an agile, very compact, economical and unique Self-Loading Concrete Mixers then Fiori DB 460 meets the bill. This versatile machine guarantees the production of 4 cubic meter of concrete in every batch and delivers daily concrete productivity of up to 90/100 m cubed. Fiori DB 460 mixers are a perfect alternative to the small and medium batching equipment. Extreme mobility, autonomy, and flexibility are key benefits that this equipment has.

Fiori DB 460 comes with CBV 2.0 technology which is exclusive to Fiori Group Self-Loading Concrete Mixers. The technology makes it possible to obtain the production of high-quality certified concrete. In terms of performance and handling; Fiori DB 460 offers unparalleled stability and agility even when in a loaded condition and this is due to its lower center of gravity.

Fiori DB X35

Fiori DB X35 is a highly agile and stable Self-Loading Concrete Mixer with the most compact and small footprint. This equipment guarantees a maximum concrete yield of 3.5 cubic meters of concrete in every batch. The wide cabin windscreen alongside the specially designed arms provides for the highest level of enhanced visibility.

If you are looking for the best range of construction equipment then consider going for Fiori Group range of equipment. You can be assured of the high productivity of certified quality concrete every time and anywhere.

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