Basic Differences between Vanilla Beans Grade A and Grade B

If you purchase vanilla beans from a brick and mortar grocery store, you might need to choose between different varieties like Grade A, Grade B, Tahitian, Madagascar, Bourbon, etc. It is simply confusing if you really do not know the difference between these grades. So, let us try to understand the basic difference between Vanilla beans Grade A and Grade B

Grade A Beans

The Grade A vanilla beans are known as prime or gourmet beans as they have high moisture content. Due to the presence of high moisture content, say 25-35%, these beans are easy to integrate in different kinds of recipes. Some stores further segregate Grade A beans into Grade A-1 and Grade A-2. This segregation is based upon the presence of moisture content. Grade A-1 beans have moisture content in between 30-35% whereas Grade A-2 beans have 25-30% content. These beans even look aesthetically appealing as they contain no blemish, no spot or cracks. Vanilla Beans Grade A is all-purpose beans used for baking and cooking. The seeds of grade A beans are easy to scrap out and can be added directly to the recipes. Professional chefs even use grade A beans as the main ingredient while preparing gourmet cuisines.

Grade B Beans

These beans have low-moisture content say 15-25% and they have certain imperfections as well like spots, cuts, etc. It is a concentrated kind of beans, thus ideally used for making vanilla extract. Some grocery stores even sell grade B beans with the name extract vanilla beans.

Does Grade Depict Quality?

Does this imply Grade A Vanilla beans are better than Grade B Beans? The answer is No. The grading system is done to differentiate the beans on the grounds of moisture content and appearance. Many people believe that Grade B beans are better to purchase as they are less expensive and can be used for preparing a variety of ice-creams and puddings.

So, whether you are hunting for Grade A Vanilla beans or Grade B beans, online suppliers can meet your demands adequately. Simply look for a reputed supplier and check its area of delivery. Place your order and get it home delivered within a few working days.

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